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Jettos Shanhai T2 goes on sale tonight

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On the evening of April 22nd, the compact SUV-- of Jetway brand, Shanhai T2, was officially launched. The new car has launched a total of 3 models, the price range is? Can be seen as a mixed version of the shortcut traveler model, the three models on the market are two-wheel drive version, and the four-wheel drive version will be launched in the second half of this year.

In terms of appearance, the new car basically continues the fuel version of the model design style, using a square hard style. Specifically, the new car front headlights and front grille integrated design, large-size intake grille with sharp headlamp group, and with "JETOUR" English LOGO, this design has great visual impact. In addition, the bumper at the bottom of the new car is painted in black, and the center is equipped with double trailer hooks to increase practicality and highlight the hard flavor. In addition, the front enclosure of the new car is equipped with a large protective plate, which shows the wildness of the vehicle.

On the side of the body, the new car uses a suspended roof design, the square shape with the protruding wheel arch accords with the aura of the hard SUV, and the shape of the wheel eyebrow protrudes outward to show the hard style. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4785xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1875 (1910) mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm. In the rear part, the new car also adopts the common design style of hard off-road vehicles, the polygonal spare tire cover is located in the middle, both sides are longitudinally distributed taillight groups, and the internal light belt is similar to the "T" shape design, which has a high degree of recognition after lighting. In addition, the horizontal / vertical line design is integrated around both sides of the new car and above the lamp group, making the visual effect of the rear more layered.

In the interior part, the new car also follows the traveler design style, using a large number of straight line elements, the center console is equipped with a 15.6inch screen and provides Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a double flat-bottomed steering wheel, and the air conditioning outlet adopts a vertical style.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 1.5TD DHE+3DHT hybrid system, the highest power 115kW, maximum torque 220N ·m, matching three-gear super electric hybrid transmission, the comprehensive maximum power of the system is as high as 280kW and the maximum torque is 610N ·m.

In addition to the listing of the shortcut mountain sea T2, the shortcut mountain sea T1 also made its debut during the press conference. New car positioning compact plug-in hybrid SUV, power, the new car may be based on Chery Kunpeng super hybrid C-DM technology, equipped with Chery 1.5TGDI hybrid engine, matching 1DHT gearbox.

Jetway is the auto product series launched by Chery Holdings Group on January 22, 2018, which once belonged to Kairui Automobile. At the beginning of its launch, it adopted the model strategy of high configuration and low price, and quickly relied on the Chery channel end for layout. According to the official website, Jettos currently sells models such as Jettos, X90 Zilong, X90 PLUS, X90, New X70S, X70 Zhuge, X70 PLUS, X70, X70M, X70 Coupe, X70S, X95 Chieftain Edition, X95 Supreme Edition, X70S-EV and Jetty Travelers.

Retail data show that the top three models sold in March were the Jetta Traveler, the Jetta X70 and the Jetta X90, with sales of 9219, 8043 and 3426, respectively. Among them, the fuel version of the shortcut traveler ranked 15th in the compact SUV market sales list in March. As a mixed version of the shortcut traveler, the Shanhai T2 may determine its sales.

At present, Jettos has basically completed the two-way layout of fuel and new energy, but the layout in the field of new energy is still relatively slow. According to the plan, the Jetway brand will launch eight new hybrid products and no less than six new fuel vehicles in 2-3 years, and invest 100 billion yuan in new energy research and development in the next five years. Whether the follow-up shortcut cars can achieve better results is worthy of attention.

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