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The share price of ideal car plummeted!

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On the evening of April 18, Li, chairman and CEO of ideal Automobile, wanted to return to Volkswagen with the ideal L6, but the new car did not seem to gain confidence in the capital market. On April 19th, ideal car fell 7.4% to HK $106.3 per share, with a total market capitalization of HK $225.571 billion. Overnight, u.s. stocks were even worse, with ideal car falling 9.6% to $26.38 per share, with a total market capitalization of $27.989 billion.

Compared with the previous high-profile posture, the launch of the ideal L9 is not only in the form of recording, as the soul of the ideal car, Li Xiang only made a five-minute opening speech, and throughout the promotion period, Li Xiang, who was originally full of activity, also kept silent on social media.

In fact, as a brand new model of the ideal car, the biggest suspense of the ideal L6 is the price. Before the launch, the appearance, power, battery and related configurations of the ideal L6 were well known to the outside world. It is understood that the ideal L6 only provides two configuration models, of which the Pro version sells for 249800 yuan and the Max version sells for 279800 yuan. Ideal Motors said that the ideal L6 has no plans for a lower model than the Pro version, that is, it will not launch the Air version. In other words, except for the ideal car, the price of the ideal L6 will not change.

As the fourth SUV of the ideal car, the ideal L6 is the first model priced less than 300000 yuan, which means that it will assume the important task of the future market volume of the ideal car. However, as of press time, the ideal car official has not announced the ideal L6 order quantity. It is understood that the ideal L6 deposit is 5000 yuan, and the deposit can be refunded at any time within 7 days. Industry insiders believe that the number of orders for ideal cars has not been announced, mostly because of poor results, and there are also views that this is the style of keeping a low profile in the market after the downturn of ideal MEGA orders.

According to the law of the market, the ideal L6 has the characteristics of popular style. Retail data show that ideal car sales in the first quarter of this year were 80400, up 52.9% from a year earlier, with ideal L7 being the highest, with 32800, ideal L8 and ideal L9 being 24000 and 20900 respectively. Compared with the ideal L7, the ideal L6 is almost proportionally smaller. The ideal L7 wheelbase with the same five-seat SUV is 3005mm, while the ideal L6 wheelbase is 2920mm. In other words, the ideal L6 can be directly regarded as a scaled-down version of the L7, with adjustments in size and configuration to lower the threshold for consumers to buy an ideal car, which is actually more in line with market demand.

Although the ideal L6 has the characteristics of a popular style, it is not easy to succeed because times have changed. The reason for the success of the ideal L-Series is due to the mix of added programs, but the background of the launch of the ideal L-Series was the lack of competitors in the market at that time, and when this market was recognized, manufacturers such as Wangjie, Zero, Nezha, Deep Blue and other manufacturers also entered the bureau one after another. the extended-range version of the car is launched rapidly, the most representative of which is the boundary, M7 versus standard L7, M9 versus standard L9.

Since 2024, Wanjie has sold more than ideal cars for three months in a row, and the M7, as the main sales force, has become a medium-and high-end SUV model second only to Tesla Model Y. Admittedly, the rise of the question world has undoubtedly increased the competitive pressure on the ideal car, the new M7 still maintains the growth trend, and it is not easy for the ideal L6 to regain the market lost by the ideal L7, especially after the price reduction of the new M7. further weakens the performance-to-price advantage of the ideal L6. In addition, the lower price of the new M5 will also be available in two days, and the M8 model will be launched this year.

Overall, the ideal L6 in the lack of pricing surprises, the core technology is not too much differentiation, in order to break through in the 20-300000 yuan market, it is inevitable to fight a fierce battle. Just today, Tesla China also announced a price reduction, the starting price of Model Y dropped to 249900 yuan, which is the lowest price of Model Y model since it was made in China, and the difference is only 100 yuan from the ideal L6.

The ideal L6 is the one that the ideal car can't fail. Not long ago, ideal lowered its sales target to 56-640000 from 800000. In 2023, the ideal annual delivery volume is 376000. In the first quarter of this year, 80400 ideal cars were delivered, and even if we were to meet the full-year target on time according to the minimum full-year target plan, it would be ideal to deliver 480000 new cars over the next nine months, or more than 53000 per month. In the short term, in the absence of a substantial increase in cash models, if you want to return to the monthly delivery level of 50,000 vehicles, you can only hope on the ideal L6.

According to the product plan, three high-voltage pure electric models will be released in the second half of the year. This also means that in 2024, the ideal car will launch 4 extended range + 4 pure electric models, a total of 8 new cars, in order to hit the annual sales target, but in today's new energy market, the falling price also means more fierce competition. It may not be easy for the ideal car to win the championship again.

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