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Rare! Wang Xing commented on the ideal

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On the evening of April 18, ideal L6, the fifth model and the fourth hybrid model with added programs, was put on the market. Two new models were launched. The price of L6 Pro is 249800 yuan and the price of ideal L6 Max is 279800 yuan. For the performance of the new car, ideal car CEO Li wants to say that the ideal L6 is comparable to the Porsche Cayenne in terms of size and performance. After the launch of the ideal L6 new car, Wang Xing, the controlling shareholder of ideal car, founder of Meituan and CEO, forwarded the video of the "new ideal L6 product launch" to the moments and made a rare comment on the ideal L6.

Wang Xing said that of all the models launched so far, the L6 will most likely be bought by ideal car employees because of its design and production process. At the same time, Wang Xing also pointed out in the comments section that compared with the MEGA, the L6 is more like a car built for the ideal employee, while the MEGA is a bit like the car built for the ideal car CEO himself.

According to media reports, "Wang Xing seldom speaks in moments. In 2024, there are only two moments to share, one of which gives the ideal." In response to the remark that "the MEGA is a bit like a car built for the ideal car CEO", the industry believes that Wang Xing will bring up the mistakes of MEGA or sound the alarm of "the same mistake, do not happen a second time" to the ideal car. The ideal MEGA is a blockbuster model released on March 1, with a price of 559800 yuan. As the first pure electric car and the first MPV model of ideal Motors, the car is highly expected. In Li Xiang's view, the MEGA has the characteristics of a popular style and is confident that it will become the No. 1 sales of all passenger cars over 500000. However, the car failed to become a new growth point of ideal car sales after it was launched. Li Xiang has made a deep reflection and review on the mistakes of ideal MEGA before.

At present, ideal car has five models, including ideal L9 (42.98-459800 yuan), ideal L8 (33.98-399800 yuan), ideal L7 (31.98-379800 yuan), ideal MEGA (559800 yuan) and ideal L6. Ideal L6 is by far the cheapest model of ideal car. Li Xiang once said: "as many as 89% of the buyers of more than 200000 yuan are home users, and the ideal car home users have covered 89% of the groups, that is, more than 200000 users are targeted."

And this time Wang Xing's view also echoes the speech made by Ma Donghui, the chief engineer of ideal automobile, at the press conference that the ideal L6 is a car that ideal automobile employees can afford. Li Xiang also said frankly after the launch of the new car: "I want to build cars for myself and my users, not for capital."

Wang Xing, founder and CEO of Meituan, first took up the position of non-executive director of ideal Automobile in July 2019. At that time, ideal Automobile had just acquired production qualification through acquisition and was in a lack of funds. Wang Xingzheng was the dignitary who provided timely help to ideal Automobile, and then became one of the important investors of ideal Automobile. Of course, as the controlling shareholder of the ideal car, the relationship between Wang Xing and the ideal car not only stays at the investment level. When the ideal ONE was listed on the market, Wang Xing created momentum for the ideal car many times, and even bought an ideal ONE himself. At the same time, Wang Xing publicly declared that he was optimistic about the ideal car. In October 2022, Wang Xing also forwarded the delivery report of the ideal car for September, and issued a post saying: "be true to your word." The L9, an ideal car with a price of 459800, delivered more than 10,000 vehicles in the first month, specifically 10123. For the past two or three decades, the leader of China's high-end car market has been German BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi), and the next two or three years will depend on Li Weihua (ideal, Lulai, Huawei). No matter which company wins, China will win.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Xing sold a total of 4.1623 million shares of ideal Automobile from March 26 to 28 this year, with a total transaction value of more than HK $500m. After the reduction, Wang Xing's stake in ideal Motor dropped from 21.76% to 21.53%. For Wang Xing's reduction, ideal Automobile responded: this trading stock is a personal behavior, the transaction accounts for a very small part of Wang Xing's total shareholding, and does not involve Meituan's shareholding. In the previous March of 2023, Wang Xing also reduced his holdings of ideal automobile stocks nine times, reducing a total of about 3.9329 million shares and cashing out about HK $420 million. The industry believes that Wang Xing's repeated reduction of his holdings of ideal cars may to some extent reflect the attitude of capital towards ideal cars.

The latest figures show that from January to March this year, the ideal car delivered a total of 80400, compared with 85842, that is, the sales status of the ideal car has been taken away. For the ideal car, the ideal L6 is responsible for the volume task. As for whether the cheaper ideal L6 can help the ideal car capture more market share in 2024, it will take more time to test the new car.

According to the plan, the ideal car will launch this year, including four extended-range models and four pure electric models. Li wants to point out that the ideal car will not release less than 200000 models in the next five years, which also means that all new cars launched this year will sell for more than 200000.

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