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Lei Jun: Xiaomi sells 100000 cars a year

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Xiaomi has attracted a lot of attention since its launch, and there has been a lot of news lately.

Lei Jun announced at the Xiaomi investors' meeting on April 23 that as of April 20, Xiaomi had locked more than 70, 000 SU7 units, and that the delivery target of Xiaomi SU7 in 2024 was more than 100000.

Interestingly, through research, Citibank estimated that the delivery volume of Xiaomi SU7 in April was about 5000-6000 vehicles, and the annual delivery volume was about 5.5-70000 vehicles. Xu Jieyun, special assistant to the chairman of Xiaomi and deputy general manager of China Marketing Department, responded to the report that this information may be biased. "Citi may underestimate the booming sales of Xiaomi SU7. Our orders have continued to increase in the past few weeks, and we are also doing our best to improve delivery capacity."

On April 18, Lei Jun conducted a two-hour live broadcast at Xiaomi Beijing delivery Center. In the broadcast room, the most important news is that the standard version and PRO version have been delivered, 10 days earlier than the previous SU7 launch conference, and started delivery in Beijing and Shenzhen on the afternoon of the 18th. At the same time, Lei Jun is relatively satisfied with the performance of Xiaomi SU7, he believes that the results of the first phase have begun to show, although the delivery speed has yet to be improved, but the actual sales have far exceeded the initial expectations, three to five times higher.

At the end of last year, Lei Jun said in an interview, "there must be expectations for Xiaomi SU7, but the car is indeed very complicated, especially worried that it will not be popular at first, everyone will not buy it. What is more worried is that if everyone comes to buy it, they will definitely be scolded for waiting for a year or two. Behind this is all kinds of anxiety." Lei Jun said that Xiaomi's future goal is to enter the top five in the world within 15-20 years. He will have 1 time to invest in building cars, and cars will also be the most personal experience-related part. Of course, this goal is challenging and needs to be further verified by time and the market.

According to car blogger Sun Shaojun, Xiaomi has urgently increased its production capacity, with Nissan increasing to more than 400 vehicles, monthly production reaching about 10,000 vehicles, and annual production demand rising to 120000 vehicles. For Lei Jun, instead of worrying about the order volume of Xiaomi SU7, he should worry more about production capacity. In the case of insufficient capacity, it is easy to lose orders. However, Lei Jun also responded to this question yesterday: "if you are really in a hurry to buy cars, domestic new energy vehicles are good, such as Zhijie S7, Xilai ET5, Xiaopeng P7 series, etc., you can also consider buying!"

Although Lei Jun believes that Xiaomi SU7 is "certainly successful in the first stage", since its launch, Xiaomi has frequently appeared in the public eye because of various problems, such as dropping paint without delivery, insurance premium comparable to 500000 fuel car, and being questioned because of brake pad area. Lei Jun admitted in the studio that "Xiaomi car is so hot that it scares me, and almost every detail has to be seen with a magnifying glass."

In addition, Xiaomi car and "competitors" are also constantly friction. On April 8th, Zhiji L6 was refuted by Xiaomi three times for mismarking Xiaomi's SU7 parameters, and finally Zhiji issued several apologies before it was calmed down. On April 16, an employee of Jiyue Automobile revealed that he had been forcibly dismissed by the original company after buying Xiaomi SU7, and then Jiyue Automobile responded that the employee had seriously violated the company's labor discipline and regulations and engaged in behaviors that had nothing to do with the company's affairs and were obviously contrary to his duties and professional ethics during working hours, which had nothing to do with the purchase of SU7.

Lei Jun has said that Xiaomi has to build cars because the car is in the tuyere. If Xiaomi wants to be a great company, it must get traffic, and the car on the tuyere can provide enough traffic. As a result, Xiaomi's car-building field is a forced choice. For Xiaomi, mass production of the first model has been achieved, and orders have far exceeded market expectations, but this is only the first step. If Xiaomi wants to find a way among many new energy car companies, it must face a lot of difficulties to overcome.

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