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Group containment! Wei Lai also grabbed Xiaomi car order.

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Following the Wisdom S7, Weilai was also exposed to "cut off Hu" millet SU7 order.

On April 23, the Financial Associated Press visited a number of Weilai stores and found that Lulai had launched a corresponding subsidy for consumers who had decided on Xiaomi SU7. Weilai store sales said: "as long as you place an order, we also subsidize 5000 yuan." our 'big order' is also 5000 yuan, and even if you lock the order and the factory schedules, you can refund the deposit at any time. " And according to "understand the car Emperor" learned that this activity will always exist.

Yesterday, according to the Red Star News, Hongmeng Zhihang's Zhijie Automobile has launched a new sales policy. Customers who have placed orders and locked orders in Xiaomi cars, as long as they provide a screenshot of the corresponding order and buy any Wisdom S7, the final payment will directly deduct the non-refundable 5000 yuan deposit on Xiaomi SU7 lock order on the car price. For related reports, Huawei staff said: "there is indeed such a policy. Hongmeng Zhihang stores across the country can apply for customers."

At the same time of the sharp increase in Xiaomi car orders, due to capacity constraints, it also gives competitors the opportunity to "exploit loopholes". However, in response to the news of being "cut off Hu" by competitors, Lei Jun showed a big pattern: if consumers who are in a hurry to buy cars, "domestic new energy vehicles are good, such as Zhijie S7, Weilai ET5, Xiaopeng P7 series, etc., you can also consider buying.

At the Xiaomi investors conference today, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced that as of April 20, Xiaomi SU7 had locked more than 70, 000 vehicles, with a delivery target of more than 100000 vehicles in 2024. According to Xiaomi APP, the current delivery time is 29-32 weeks for the standard version, 28-31 weeks for the pro version and 32-35 weeks for the Max version. In other words, it will take at least seven months to pick up the Xiaomi car. In the face of a large number of orders, Xiaomi cars are carrying out capacity climbing to speed up delivery. Lei Jun recently revealed that the production capacity and delivery speed of Xiaomi SU7 are increasing rapidly, and the standard version and Max have been delivered ahead of schedule. Xiaomi's production capacity and delivery plan will be described in detail at the Beijing Auto Show.

Since the release of Xiaomi SU7, it has put a lot of pressure on competitors both in terms of order volume and traffic, and the emergence of this sales policy is undoubtedly one of the footnotes in the highly competitive new energy market.

On April 11, the new Zhijie S7 officially launched five models and continued to offer two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models with a price range of 24.98-349800 yuan, of which the price of the 249800-yuan Zhijie S7 Pro is close to that of Xiaomi's SU7 Pro version. There are more than 2000 units in Dading in the first weekend after the second listing of the S7, and more than 4500 are expected to be delivered in April, according to official data.

As a brand jointly built by Chery and Huawei, Zhijie S7 has not become popular at once and has been criticized by the market for its delay in fulfilling its delivery promise. now the production capacity problem has been solved after the second listing. At present, the overall cycle of Zhijie S7 from down deposit production to car pick-up is about 2-4 weeks, and some S7 Max delivery centers have spot delivery centers that can directly pick up cars, which is indeed no small temptation for consumers who are in urgent need of cars. And the current capacity increase is indeed Xiaomi's top priority.

As for Weilai, Chairman Li Bin once said frankly at Xiaomi SU7 press conference that the price of Xiaomi SU7 is really strong, and Ledao brand products do not know how to price. At present, the Weilai brand has completed the switch of 2024 models and offered a large discount on 23 models in inventory, as well as a series of measures such as issuing a new BaaS battery rental service policy and lowering the threshold for car purchase, in order to deliver ideal transcripts in the highly competitive market as much as possible.

From a positioning point of view, in addition to Wisdom, Weilai, extreme krypton, Xiaopeng, Avita and other brands also compete with Xiaomi SU7. Will these brands follow the above sales strategy and cut off orders for Hu Xiaomi cars in the future?

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