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Change the shell dark blue SL03! Mazda EZ-6 release

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At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Changan Mazda officially launched its new new energy car, the Mazda EZ-6. It is understood that Changan Mazda EZ-6 is a new energy car jointly developed by Mazda and Changan Automobile. It is based on Changan EPA platform and provides pure electricity and extended range power. It will be put on the market in the second half of the year. From the perspective of market positioning, the car will aim at the joint venture B-class car market and the foreign-funded C-class electric vehicle market.

In terms of appearance, the Mazda EZ-6 still uses the classic family design language, and the first impression is still the design full of Mazda flavor. The large-size front grille remains the same but has a more sense of technology. There is a certain difference in appearance between the pure electric model and the hybrid model, in which the front grille of the pure electric model is closed, and the front grille of the extended model is conventional air intake modeling. However, the interior of both grille presents a dot matrix style. It is worth noting that the logo of the two power models can be lit.

Because it is based on the Changan EPA platform, the dark blue SL03 can be seen on the side of the Mazda EZ-6, but it also combines the design elements of Mazda, the smooth waistline creates a diving effect, and the lower edge of the door and window are designed with chrome decoration, equipped with hidden door handles and larger rims. In the rear part, while the new car adopts the current popular through-water grille headlights, the through-type taillights add four circular barrel lights on both sides to fully reflect the characteristics of Mazda, and the taillights and the built-in deformable electric tail wings complement each other. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the Mazda EZ-6 are 4921/1890/1485mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior of Mazda EZ-6 does not use individual styles such as Oncella and CX-50, but is more technology-oriented, with a 14.6inch high-definition touch screen occupying visual C-bit, a suspended dashboard and a simple central handrail to provide a moderate sense of wrapping.

As for power, Changan Mazda does not release specific power information about the Mazda EZ-6, but it is known to offer add-on hybrid and pure electric models as well as the Deep Blue SL03.

In April 2023, Mazda China announced for the first time its transformation strategy and goal vision in the electrified era, as well as the establishment of a new cooperation model with Changan Automobile. According to the plan, the transformation strategy of the electrified era of Mazda will be carried out in three steps: the development oriented to the electrified era will be strengthened in 2024, pure electric models will be first put into the Chinese market in 2025-2027, and pure electric vehicles will be officially introduced in 2028-2030. Transition to the electrified era.

At the same time, Mazda will also change the research and development model of products in China. In the past, the products of Changan Mazda were developed by Mazda and introduced into the joint venture company for production and sales, while the two new energy models to be launched are jointly developed by Mazda and Changan Automobile, and are developed and produced by Changan Mazda. It is understood that Changan Mazda plans to launch two new energy models developed and produced in China by the end of 2024 and 2025, which will provide both pure electricity and plug-in power.

According to the plan, Changan Mazda will launch two new models, codenamed J90A and J90A-REEV, in 2024. The two models will be built on the Changan EPA platform, offering optional add-on programs and pure electric models. The code name J90A means EZ-6,EZ means that Mazda's new energy products will have a new naming system. Changan Mazda will launch two new cars codenamed J90K and J90K-REEV in 2025 and NEW SUV and NEW CAR in 2026.

Now Mazda's situation in China really needs such courage to reverse. As one of the Japanese carmakers, Toyota, Honda and Nissan are having a harder time in China, while the niche Mazda is even harder, with outdated Mazda 3 products and mediocre sales of Mazda CX-50 and other SUV. Although the overseas market is full of new cars such as CX-60 and CX-90, they all take the high-end route, and it does not seem easy to convince consumers to spend more than 300000 on introduction. At this time, the joint development with Changan combines the leading strength in the field of electrification and intelligence of Changan automobile, as well as Mazda's profound attainments in the field of design, control and safety, and gives birth to a car full of performance-to-price ratio. it's also a kind of development idea. However, it is also unknown whether consumers will be willing to pay in the future.

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