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Li Xiang posted his blog for the first time in two months: give Lei Jun an L6

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"Thank Mr. Lei for his recognition of the ideal L6 product," ideal car CEO Li wrote on Weibo on April 28th. "when the number of likes has exceeded 700000, I must give away an ideal L6 Max to express my gratitude."

The Beijing Auto Show has returned after four years. Xiaomi Automobile has participated in the show for the first time since its establishment, becoming one of the largest star car companies in this auto show. The scene is packed inside and outside, and as the soul of Xiaomi car-making, Lei Jun has also become the flow star of this auto show.

On the morning of the day of the auto show, Lei Jun attended the press conference to report the latest locking and delivery of SU7, and announced Xiaomi's sales target for 2024, as well as a response to the delivery of services in the market, and then rushed to the plenary meeting of the 2024 Zhongguancun Forum to deliver a speech. In the afternoon, Lei Jun returned to the auto show and started the show.

Wherever Lei Jun went, he was surrounded by various media and audiences to experience its product models with BYD Wang Chuanfu and Great Wall Automobile Wei Jianjun. In addition, he also went to the ideal car, Xilai, BAIC and other booths. At the ideal car booth, Li wants to explain the L6 to Lei Jun and open the door to invite Lei Jun to get on the bus. After Lei Jun enters the car, Li wants to stand outside the car and introduce the functions and features of the car to Lei Jun. Afterwards, Lei Jun posted a video on Douyin, full of praise for the performance of the ideal L6 at the Beijing auto show, and said that if the video liked more than 500000, he would buy the ideal L6, while the video received 700000 likes, indicating the high level of public attention to Lei Jun and the ideal L6, which led to Li Xiang's initial response.

Expressing gratitude for Li Xiang's atmosphere, Lei Jun also stressed on Weibo that he still decided to buy an ideal L6 Max to personally experience and express his support for the product. It is understood that the ideal L6 was officially released on April 18, and the new car launched a total of Pro version and Max version, with a price of 249800 yuan and 279800 yuan respectively. According to previous reports, the ideal L6 locates a five-seat medium-sized SUV, which is located under the ideal L7 and focuses on the household market of 25-300000 yuan. It is the first ideal car under 300000 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that it has been 57 days since his last Weibo launch, which shows that he attaches great importance to the car gift event. On Weibo, he mentioned not only his gratitude to Lei Jun, but also the help given by Lei Jun's team to the ideal MEGA when they encountered a public opinion crisis.

Looking back on the past, Lei Jun and Li Xiang have already had profound exchanges. In 2022, Lei Jun asked Li for advice on how to build a car. The advice Li wants to give is that Lei Jun must devote himself to building cars, and no one can replace him. This suggestion not only reflects Li Xiang's respect for Lei Jun, but also shows his deep understanding and firm belief in the cause of car building.

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