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Is the layout of Xiaomi car ideal for extended range alignment? Xiaomi executives clarify

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On April 28th, several media reported that Xiaomi will have seven models, and the platform will use a program hybrid powertrain, of which three planned products are all SUV models, which are positioned for family use, and the price range will be lower than that of ideal car products. In addition to the ideal car, other layout products will also be aligned with Model Y and polar krypton 001 FR models, including a pure electric SUV and a high-performance product, Model Y and polar krypton 001 FR, respectively.

In response to the above news, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, forwarded Weibo and clarified: "the news is not true!"

Lei Jun officially entered the electric vehicle industry at Xiaomi's press conference on March 31, 2021, and plans to spend $10 billion to build electric vehicles within 10 years. At the press conference, Lei Jun said: "Xiaomi car is the last major start-up project in my life. I am willing to bet all my reputation and lead the team to fight for Xiaomi car." Since then, Lei Jun opened the road to building cars.

On March 28 this year, Xiaomi SU7, the first model of Xiaomi, was officially put on the market. The new car launched three models, namely, standard version, Pro version and Max version, with a price range of 215900 yuan to 299900 yuan, with a choice of dual-motor and single-motor versions. Xiaomi SU7 positioning coupe is said to be comparable to Porsche and Tesla's Dream Car, but it is definitely not the Dream Car of ordinary families.

Before that, Lei Jun explained the question of "Why did Xiaomi make a car in the first car? why not do SUV and MPV?" Lei Jun said: first of all, cars are used to drive. The driving experience of the car is better, it is more suitable for one person to drive every day, and it can also take into account the world of two and a small family. Secondly, the car market demand is very large, the total amount is about the same as SUV. It is very difficult to make a good pure electric car, but there are not many good pure electric cars on the market at present.

From building a car to delivering a new car, Lei Jun built the first model in only about three years. As Xiaomi Group's first entry into the new energy vehicle market, Xiaomi SU7 has attracted the attention of many consumers and received extremely high traffic since its launch. At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Xiaomi's auto booth was overcrowded. Lei Jun also said at the auto show that as of April 24, Xiaomi had locked up more than 75723 cars, and 5781 had been delivered 28 days after its release. At present, Xiaomi is making every effort to expand its production capacity and is expected to start delivering the Pro version at the end of May and more than 10, 000 units a month in June.

It is worth mentioning that, since Xiaomi joined the car-building industry, it has been questioned by the outside world, and Lei Jun has repeatedly talked about Xiaomi car-building through social platforms, including whether Xiaomi is too late for mass production. Lei Jun said: "cars are a century-old racetrack, as long as we are optimistic about the automobile industry, it is never too late." And frankly, Xiaomi can only succeed if it becomes the top five trams, and the goal is to enter the first camp of the industry by 2024. According to official data, after Xiaomi SU7 opened its bookings, it broke 10, 000 in 4 minutes, 20, 000 in 7 minutes and 50, 000 in 27 minutes. As a fledgling brand in the auto industry, from the data point of view, Lei Jun entered the bureau to build a car is still quite successful. But Lei Jun also pointed out that Xiaomi's first stage was a success, but its long-term goal is to become one of the top five automakers in the world within 15 to 20 years of struggle. Of course, at a time of fierce competition, it is not easy for Xiaomi cars to rely on Xiaomi SU7 to achieve their goals.

For Xiaomi, mass production of the first model has been achieved and orders have far exceeded market expectations. According to the plan, Xiaomi SU7 delivery target of more than 100000 vehicles in 2024. For Lei Jun and Xiaomi, there is no turning back. Will Xiaomi launch more models in the future? Earlier, there were media reports that Xiaomi's second new car will be based on the pure electric SUV, which is expected to be launched in the first half of 2025, continuing the design level of Xiaomi's first model, while the third model is initially positioned at 150000 yuan and is expected to be launched in 2026. However, Xiaomi officials and Lei Jun did not respond to the news.

It is worth mentioning that Zhou Hongyi, the founder of the company, said on the social platform on the evening of April 20 that during a meeting with Lei Jun a few days ago, he asked if Xiaomi SU7 was so popular that he gave himself a try. But Lei Jun said he had studied Zhou Hongyi's car selection criteria and that Zhou Hongyi would not just drive in the back seat. Xiaomi SU7 is designed for users who pursue driving fun. It is not suitable for Zhou Hongyi. I will recommend it to Zhou Hongyi when Xiaomi makes the SUV model.

At present, it is not clear whether Xiaomi will launch more models in the future, and the follow-up "attention of the automobile industry" will continue to follow.

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