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The interior has been revamped! The official picture of the new Genisse GV70 is released

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A few days ago, the new Genisse GV70 official picture was released. As a medium-term revamped model, the new car adjusts its appearance and interior and is expected to go on sale in the first half of the year. As a reference, the GV70 fuel version currently on sale in China launched a total of three models, the price range is 329800-405800 yuan; the pure electric version launched a total of two models, the price range is 38.58-439800 yuan.

Judging from the latest official picture, the front face of the new car has undergone a small adjustment, and the front face of the new car is treated with the brand's iconic large-size closed grille, but the interior of the grille has become a double-line weaving style, and both sides are still equipped with long and narrow split headlamps. Suspension lamp group is used inside, and the overall recognition is good. In addition, the new car under the surrounding vents with a more flat design, the overall visual effect is younger.

On the side of the body, the new car is basically the same as the current model, but offers a new style of 19-inch rims. The new car uses a segmented waistline design, the small triangular window between C-column and D-pillar has a high degree of recognition, and the sliding waistline with gradually lower roof lines also makes the body posture more athletic. In the rear part, the biggest change of the new car is the cancellation of circular exhaust and the replacement of irregular rectangular exhaust tailpipe style. the taillight group is consistent with the old model, using split double-layer LED ribbon design, which not only broadens the visual effect of the tail, but also has a good recognition.

The interior part is the most obvious change in the new car, which is replaced with a 27-inch double screen consisting of an instrument and a central control screen, which is also the latest family interior design style of Genisse. In addition, the new car also adjusts the air conditioning outlet and entertainment control buttons below, and is equipped with a new style of three-spoke multi-function steering wheel.

In terms of motivation, the official has not yet announced. As a reference, the current Genisse GV70 is equipped with a 2.5T four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 304hp, a peak torque of 422Nm and an integrated transmission with an 8-block gearbox. In terms of suspension structure, GV70 is equipped with front double fork arm independent suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension.

GENESIS, an independent luxury brand of Hyundai Motor Group of Korea, was established in November 2015. GV70 is its first medium-sized SUV, launched in May 2023, positioning as a luxury medium-sized SUV and introduced into the domestic market in the form of imports. Competitors in the car market include Mercedes-Benz SUV, BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Land Rover Aurora. From the point of view of the official map, as a medium-term modified model, the new car mainly adjusts and optimizes the appearance and interior decoration, in which the interior design change is particularly obvious, as to whether this change can attract consumers remains to be verified.

Up to now, the layout of Genisis in China has successively included G70, GV70, G80, GV80, GV60 and other models, although there are many products, but limited by the relatively small number of brands, the development of Genisis in the domestic market is not smooth. Take the data of new car compulsory insurance purchases in 2022 as an example, Genisse sold only 1457 vehicles in China in 2022, and the three models on sale, G70, G80 and GV80, sold 226,832 and 399 vehicles respectively, which is basically a complete rout. Admittedly, whether it is brand premium or product premium, Genisis has not yet been fully recognized by Chinese consumers.

At the Beijing Auto Show, the GV60 Magma concept car and the G80 Magma Special Edition of the Genisys Magma high-performance series made their debut in China, and the follow-up new cars will also be introduced to the domestic market one after another. as for whether a number of models can reopen the development of the Genisse brand after they are on the market, there may be an answer soon. According to the plan, all new models of Genisys will become pure electric models by 2025, with 100% zero emissions by 2030 and net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

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