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Instruct employees to defend their rights to Tesla? BYD: false slander!

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On the evening of April 30, BYD's legal department posted on Weibo that Huang, the infringer, had been sentenced to make a public apology and compensation for making false and defamatory remarks.

According to BYD's legal department, Huang, the infringer, is a registered user of the small APP network platform and the special bank APP network platform. On January 8, 2023, the infringer posted a post on the aforementioned online platform, claiming that BYD had instructed employees to organize consumers to protect Tesla's rights. As soon as the false content was released, it caused online discussion and reprint on several social media platforms, seriously infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of BYD.

After discovering the above information, BYD immediately asked the parties concerned to delete the relevant content and filed a civil lawsuit to demand an apology and compensation from the infringer. According to the ruling of the people's court, Huang published unverified information that infringed on BYD's reputation and business honor and was required to publish an apology in the Rule of Law Daily.

According to the contents of the civil judgment posted online, the defendant Huang published an article in the Rule of Law Daily within 10 days after the judgment came into effect, issuing a statement expressing apology to the plaintiff BYD Motor Co., Ltd. In addition, the defendant Huang also had to compensate the plaintiff BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. for the loss of 15000 yuan, and paid evidence preservation fees and evidence notarization fees totaling 2000 yuan; the case acceptance fee was 1000 yuan, and the defendant Huang had to bear 667 yuan.

BYD's legal department said: "after a court ruling, Huang, the infringer, recently published an article in the Rule of Law Daily, publicly apologizing and paying compensation for the previous publication of improper remarks infringing BYD's reputation rights."

This is the second Weibo post released by BYD's legal department since its establishment. BYD officially opened an account of the Ministry of Justice in July 2023, with the first Weibo suing a self-media blogger and claiming 5 million yuan. At that time, BYD's legal department released news that Weibo user "Dragon Pig-Jiche" had posted a lot of false information for a long time, maliciously slandering, belittling and insulting BYD, causing serious damage to BYD's brand reputation. In this regard, the company collected and fixed a large amount of evidence, gave feedback to the relevant departments on its suspected hacking of public relations, and decided to formally sue "Longzhu-Jiche", asking it to delete the relevant infringing remarks, make a public apology and compensate 5 million yuan.

In fact, similar incidents occur in the automobile industry from time to time, including Internet rumor-mongering and malicious communication, and these communication effects and negative effects often cause serious damage to automobile companies. In the face of phenomena such as network rumor-mongering and malicious communication, more and more car companies are taking up jobs and doing business. Previously, car companies, including Tesla, ideal Automobile, Xilai Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, Zero running Automobile, Polar Fox Automobile, Polar Krypton Automobile, and Lantu Automobile, have pushed the Ministry of Justice to the foreground to meet the malicious smear messages on the Internet with a more proactive and tough attitude. On the one hand, the establishment of the "Ministry of Justice" Weibo account can protect the legitimate rights and interests of car companies, on the other hand, it can also play a "deterrent" role. A legal personage has previously said: "Public relations is a means and the law is a weapon." the opening of a legal account is, to some extent, a 'deterrent' to curb the persistence of being 'hacked'. "

BYD's legal department pointed out in its latest blog post: "BYD has always humbly accepted all kinds of opinions or suggestions put forward by users, media and the public, but for such acts that infringe upon BYD's rights and interests with false facts and radical remarks, BYD will firmly take legal measures to protect its rights and protect the legitimate rights and interests of BYD and BYD users."

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