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Tesla hit many cars in a row! Police notice

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A topic about "Tesla in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province" was posted on Weibo on May 1. It is understood that at about 14:30 in the afternoon, a Tesla model had a serious traffic accident in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province.

From the video and scene pictures exposed on the Internet, we can see that the Tesla tumbled in the air for many times and crashed into several cars in a small parking lot. As a result, a number of vehicles were damaged, and the scene was littered with fragments of parts and components that had been knocked down. The Tesla vehicle involved in the accident was also seriously damaged, the front and rear windshields of the vehicle were all broken, the position of the front bumper of the vehicle was knocked off, and the position of the hood was also seriously damaged. A person familiar with the situation told the media that the small parking lot that was hit at that time parked a van and more than 20 private cars.

In response to the accident, Dayu Public Security issued a police report last night. At about 14: 30 on May 1, 2024, when a small ordinary bus was driving to Nanan Avenue, Nanan Town, Dayu County, due to improper operation of emergency pedestrians, the vehicle collided with road facilities and vehicles parked on the roadside. One person in the small ordinary bus was seriously injured, three people were slightly injured and nine vehicles were damaged, and there were no other casualties. At present, the treatment of the wounded and the handling of accidents are under way.

In this regard, some netizens commented: watching the video flipped several times in the air, I don't know what caused it, but it is really miserable at the scene, waiting for the results of the follow-up official investigation, it may be the switch when the brake is hit, or the speed can not be so fast!

Another netizen commented: wait until you look at the data. Under the single pedal mode, many people are easy to operate improperly, and it is also possible to step on the wrong pedal in a panic.

It is worth mentioning that whenever there is a topic about Tesla's vehicle accident, it can always cause a heated discussion on the Internet. Many people in the industry have pointed out that Tesla's frequent accidents have something to do with his single pedal model.

As we all know, the biggest difference between the single pedal and the traditional car is that the throttle of the traditional car has only one function, pressing the throttle is to start and accelerate, and the car will maintain inertia for some distance when it is loosened. And Tesla's single pedal mode is accelerated, once the loosening force will significantly slow down. Although under normal driving conditions, the single pedal mode is sufficient to complete most acceleration and deceleration operations, the driver still needs to use the brake pedal in case of emergency. Many drivers are very familiar with the driving mode of traditional fuel vehicles, but the single pedal mode that has just come into contact with Tesla may be very unfamiliar and prone to operational errors that lead to accidents.

Earlier, Tesla officials also released investigation reports on a number of accidents. From the results of the report, most of the accidents were attributed to the misoperation of the car owners. Tao Lin, vice president of foreign affairs of Tesla, also said publicly that Tesla's out-of-control acceleration cases were all caused by drivers stepping on the wrong pedals. At the same time, it is also pointed out that "in the use of vehicles, we also need to strengthen consumer education, and we need to cooperate with driving schools and transportation departments to let everyone understand the use of new cars and avoid misoperation in the use of vehicles." or some other problems caused by lack of functional understanding. "

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