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Has the super die casting system been smeared? Millet clarifies

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In response to a Weibo account report that "there is doubt whether Xiaomi's super-large die-casting system is self-developed", a spokesman for Xiaomi said on the evening of May 2 that some Weibo accounts were found to deliberately confuse Xiaomi's super-large die-casting system with the concept of stamping line, thus smearing Xiaomi with rumors. To this end, Xiaomi officials once again clarified the concept of super large die casting system and stamping line, the official said: "large die casting and stamping are two completely different processes, in Xiaomi automobile factory, the two belong to different workshops."

A spokesman for Xiaomi pointed out: "Xiaomi super large die casting 9100t die casting machine is jointly developed by Xiaomi and Haitian. The die casting machine is only a link. Xiaomi has developed the whole die casting cluster system, including 60 equipment and 433 process parameters." At the same time, Xiaomi R & D team has carried out 11 patent design innovations on the basis of the existing die casting machine technology in the industry, most of which are invention patents, such as AI active optimization of injection parameter setting system. "

At the Xiaomi automobile technology conference on December 28 last year, Xiaomi founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun publicly explained that Xiaomi super large die casting is unique in that it not only introduced a large die casting equipment, but also built a large die casting plant, and completed the full stack self-research of almost all links in the large die casting industry chain. At the same time, Lei Jun also posted on Weibo: "Xiaomi has built and put into operation a 9100t die-casting plant, developed a complete die-casting island assembly line, 60 equipment, accurately controlled more than 400 parameters, and developed a large die-casting material. Xiaomi Titan alloy. Xiaomi has become the only car factory in China with mass production of die-casting materials."

It is understood that Xiaomi's super integrated die casting reached 9100 tons, which is not only larger than the 6000 tons of Tesla Shanghai Super Factory, but also 6000 tons larger than Tesla's most advanced 9000 tons of integrated die casting in the United States. In this blog post, a spokesman for Xiaomi once again stressed: "Xiaomi is the only car manufacturer in China that owns both mass-produced die-casting alloy materials and self-developed large die-casting equipment cluster system."

At the end of the blog post, a spokesman for Xiaomi also pointed out: "in the process of verification, a spokesman for Xiaomi said that it was found that the Weibo account with confusing and dark content had repeatedly discredited Xiaomi." the Weibo account has been fully testified, and our legitimate rights and interests will be protected by legal means and its legal liability will be investigated. "

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