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From 335800 yuan! The new Genisse G80 is pre-sold.

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A few days ago, Genisse announced that the new Genisse G80 has officially opened its pre-sale. The new car has launched two models, the deluxe version and the flagship version, with pre-sale prices of 335800 yuan and 456800 yuan respectively. As a comparison, the price range of the 2023 Genisse G80 currently on sale in China is 363800-457800 yuan.

As a medium-term modified model, the new car mainly adjusts some details of the appearance and interior decoration. In terms of appearance, the new car continues the cash model design style as a whole, but the details have been adjusted. The front face of the new car adopts the iconic double-line "emblem of the brave" wide grille, with split headlight groups on both sides, the overall recognition is high, the front encirclement adopts a brand-new design, and the interior of the lower grille is a smoked honeycomb mesh design to further enhance the motion properties.

On the side of the body, the new car does not change much, the shape of the car is slender, and the roof is smooth. Unlike the current model, the new car offers 18 -, 19-and 20-inch rims and standard silver four-piston calipers to enhance luxury. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5005/1925/1465mm, wheelbase is 3010mm, positioning of medium and large luxury cars. In the rear part, the new car is equipped with separate taillight groups on both sides, and the recognition is good after lighting. The main change is reflected in the rear encirclement part, which also adopts a brand-new style, which echoes with the front encirclement. The exhaust is a hidden exhaust pipe layout with an upturned duck tail spoiler, making the tail lines more hierarchical.

In the interior part, the new car is covered with a large number of soft materials, which has a great texture as a whole. In addition, the new car has a large 27-inch OLED screen, which has the functions of both the dashboard and the central control screen, and the steering wheel has been changed from a four-spoke to a three-spoke design, making it more technological as a whole.

In terms of power, the new car is still equipped with 2.5T turbocharged engine, the maximum power is 223.6kW, the maximum torque is 422N ·m, and the transmission aspect matches the eight-speed manual self-integrated transmission.

The G80, based on the third-generation rear-drive platform, is a medium and large luxury sedan owned by Genisse, which first made its global debut in April 2021. Considering the positioning and price of the new car, the new car will compete with the same class models such as Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5-Series, Audi A6L, etc., in addition, Volvo S90, Cadillac CT6, Lexus ES and other models are also potential competitors.

Data show that GENESIS, an independent luxury brand of Hyundai Motor Group of Korea, was established in November 2015 and officially entered the Chinese market in April 2021. Although the Genisis brand has only been in the Chinese market for about two years, it has successively laid out a number of models in China. According to the official website, its domestic products include G70, GV70, G80, GV80 and GV60 models.

Although the brand strength of Genisis overseas is not weak, but in the domestic market, although its products are numerous, but limited by the relatively small number of brands, its development in the domestic market is not smooth. Take the data of new car compulsory insurance purchases in 2022 as an example, Genisse sold only 1457 vehicles in China in 2022, and the three models on sale, G70, G80 and GV80, sold 226,832 and 399 vehicles respectively, which is basically a complete rout.

At the Beijing Auto Show, the GV60 Magma concept car and the G80 Magma Special Edition of the Genisys Magma high-performance series made their debut in China, and the follow-up new cars will also be introduced to the domestic market one after another. as for whether a number of models can reopen the development of the Genisse brand after they are on the market, there may be an answer soon. According to the plan, all new models of Genisys will become pure electric models by 2025, with 100% zero emissions by 2030 and net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

It should be noted that, as a luxury brand of Hyundai, Genisse is not well-known in the domestic car market, and even consumers do not have much impression of this luxury brand, whether it is brand premium or product premium. Genisse has not yet been fully recognized by Chinese consumers. In this context, it is difficult for Genisay to stand out.

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