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The ideal L9 was passed to a sudden stop on the highway! Official response

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On May 11, a topic about # ideal L9 highway rear-end collision was sentenced to full responsibility # went on the popular search site on Weibo.

According to an online revelation by an ideal L9 owner in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, the ideal L9 Pro version of his unlicensed new car turned on the auxiliary driving system on the highway, and while driving, the vehicle suddenly braked suddenly, resulting in a rear-end collision. After the accident, the traffic police determined that the owner of the car was fully responsible for the accident. However, car owners believe that the main reason for the accident is due to the vehicle, not their own improper driving operation, asking for 20,000 yuan in compensation from the ideal car.

In response to this matter, the person in charge of ideal Automobile responded to the media that the reason for the accident was that the vehicle mistakenly identified the picture of the bulletin board on the highway as a real car, which was a system error identification, and the software system would be improved later. For the compensation of car owners, the ideal Automobile 4S store said that it can provide compensation of 4000 yuan in cash. However, the car owners do not accept the compensation offered by the authorities.

In fact, the misrecognition of the ideal driving assistance system also happened earlier. In May last year, netizens posted on the Internet that they were driving their ideal L7 normally on the national highway, when suddenly the speed of the vehicle slowed down rapidly, from 80km/h to 20km/h, and then braked directly behind. The owner said that after getting out of the car, he saw that there were no obstacles on the road, but there was a billboard in front of the road with a picture of the athlete Su Bingtian. The owner then contacted ideal officials, who said the incident may have occurred because the lidar identified the person on the billboard as a real person in the middle of the road, and the intervention of the active braking system caused an emergency brake.

Of course, with the popularity of intelligent vehicles, auxiliary driving has become the standard for most new energy vehicles. Indeed, it is equipped with a car-assisted driving system, which can enable the vehicle to maintain lanes and change lanes on its own, which can reduce the driver's fatigue in the driving process, but auxiliary driving can only play an auxiliary role in the end. You can't relax your vigilance by over-trusting auxiliary driving when you travel.

In view of the frequent accidents of vehicle-assisted driving system, some netizens pointed out that the intelligent driving algorithms of car companies still need to be improved. after all, there is a big difference between billboards and real people. In addition, some industry insiders pointed out that in this accident, after the ideal L9 turned on the auxiliary driving system, there were no obvious obstacles, but the AEB emergency braking function was activated. It is found that many of this is because cameras, radar and other sensors detect the distance of obstacles in front of them in real time. If the measured distance is less than the safe distance, the AEB system will maximize the automatic emergency braking. And then reduce the probability of collision with vehicles or pedestrians in front.

It is worth mentioning that the current intelligent driving technology is generally in the L2 stage, L2 is mainly controlled by human drivers, and the system mainly plays an auxiliary role. The auxiliary driving function of most vehicles is only limited to auxiliary driving, and can not achieve complete autopilot, and the vehicle can not be fully handed over to autopilot at this stage. Data show that the ideal L9 Pro version was launched on August 3 last year, which is a new model of the ideal L9. The new car is located in a large SUV with a price of 429800 yuan. Compared with the ideal L9, the ideal L9 Pro version is equipped with intelligent driving AD Pro, which can achieve safe and comfortable high-speed NOA-assisted driving. The model is equipped with 10 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars and 1 millimeter wave radar.

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