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Jia Yueting: what I want to do is not a simple live broadcast with goods.

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After Faraday future founder Jia Yueting announced on his personal Weibo that in order to save FF, he plans to start the commercialization of personal IP, make money to repay debts and subsidize Faraday's future car construction, it has aroused hot discussion among the majority of netizens on the Internet, and many netizens speculated that Jia Yueting may turn on the mode of live streaming with goods.

In response to netizens' speculation, Jia Yueting released another video on May 10 to explain in detail how he started the commercialization of his personal IP. He said: what he wants to do is not to simply carry goods live, but to explore a new path of IP ecommerce 2.0 era through several dimensions, such as model innovation, AI technology innovation, IP e-commerce globalization, Chinese brands going out to sea and products going out to sea.

In the future, I will adopt the way of complete transparency and instant video communication, use all the personal income gained from the commercialization of personal IP to repay debts and help FF build cars, repay debts as soon as possible, build cars, repay debts, return home, and fulfill the promise of an entrepreneur. At the same time, Jia Yueting also expressed the hope that he can play a unique bridge value role for China, the United States and overseas markets around the world. It is hoped that through its own global IP value commercialization, Chinese enterprises and businesses can help "products go out to sea" and "brands go abroad", bring Chinese high-quality goods and supply chains to the United States and overseas, and stimulate foreign demand.

Of course, Jia Yueting's decisions have something to do with Faraday's recent poor situation in the future. Because in addition to the shortage of funds in the near future, Faraday also received a warning letter from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange to delist. Although officials said they had filed a complaint with Nasdaq on May 1, hoping to maintain its listing qualification through corrective measures. But from the perspective of Faraday's future, it seems that management has not reached a consensus.

Jia Yueting posted his first video on his personal Weibo on May 7, saying that he had made several decisions to save FF. In addition to the commercialization of personal IP, a major decision was announced that in order to rebuild investors' and shareholders' confidence and trust in Faraday's future, Jia Yueting said he would serve as joint CEO with Faraday's future current CEOMatthias.

It is worth mentioning that shortly after Jia Yueting announced the decision, Faraday future officials issued a statement that Jia Yueting's video speech was not approved by Faraday future officials, and any such statement should not be attributed to FF. At the same time, it is also pointed out that at present, Faraday's future board of directors is not considering appointing Mr. Jia as joint CEO. Judging from the official statement denying Jia Yueting's decision, there does not seem to be much unity within FF.

In addition, earlier, Faraday's future former employees exposed on the Internet that FF 91 had "early false sales". At that time, Jia Yueting responded to the accusation made by former employees: there are a large number of false statements and slanders aimed at conspiring to retaliate and extortion, and counterclaims will be filed against them!

Under the background of internal disunity and lack of external funds, how to rebuild the confidence and trust of investors and shareholders in Faraday's future? However, there are still netizens' support for Jia Yueting's own personal IP commercialization. Among them, Sun Yuchen, founder of wave field TRON, said in a video that he was willing to invest in Jia Yueting to do a new personal IP company. I still don't know how big a storm Jia Yueting's commercialization of personal IP can cause. But in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the field of video communication, it is difficult for Jia Yueting to obtain rich personal income.

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