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Meizu's first model is named "Meizu MX".

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Today, Meizu's first model may be suspected to be named "Meizu MX", according to Meizu's website.

As can be seen from the website, the model will be equipped with Flyme Auto intelligent car system. It is worth mentioning that the whole FlymeAuto intelligent car system is not only carried by Meizu MX, but also by many models, such as Lecker 07, Lectra 08, Galaxy E5, Linke Zero and so on. FlymeAuto smart car system is also installed.

In fact, the arrival of the new car is not surprising. The first custom car, the MEIZU DreamCar MX, was officially unveiled in November 2023. In January this year, the official DreamCar MX community was launched to provide a platform for you to exchange ideas and share expectations, so that you can deeply participate in the whole process of vehicle design and development, and jointly create smart cars that meet the needs of users and create more life scenes. According to previous official revelations, the MEIZU DreamCar MX, the first model of the Meizu brand, will be built on the SEA architecture and Geely Industries 4.0 manufacturing capacity.

News about Meizu's entry into the auto market came out as early as 2022, and in 2022, officials recruited a large number of talents in the auto field. In addition, it has also applied for a number of patents related to the car machine system, including automatic body cleaning, face recognition to open the trunk, automatic cleaning of car body dust, vehicle camera video communication and so on. In June of the same year, Geely was rumored to have acquired Meizu. At that time, Meizu responded to the acquisition: "Star Times, which is led by Mr. Li Shufu, has signed an agreement with Meizu Technology on strategic investment matters, this transaction still needs to go through the examination and approval procedures of the relevant regulatory authorities, and the details of the transaction are still under negotiation."

Less than a month later, Meizu officially announced that it had held a strategic investment signing ceremony with Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, officially announcing that Xingji held a controlling stake of 79.09% of Meizu Technology and gained separate control over Meizu Technology. According to the data, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. was established on September 26, 2021, with a registered capital of 715 million yuan. Its business scope includes mobile terminal equipment manufacturing, mobile communication equipment sales, and so on. Wang Yong is the legal representative. According to its shareholding structure, Geely Group (Ningbo Co., Ltd.) is the first-generation shareholder of the Star era, with a stake of 32%, while Li Shufu holds 6.1%. The agreement between the two sides also means that Geely formally acquired Meizu.

After Geely acquired Meizu, Meizu announced that it would build a car at the autumn press conference on November 30 last year. What's more, it hit the slogan of "unbounded wisdom, open platform". According to the official statement, "Unbounded Intelligence" mainly provides Flyme Auto intelligent cockpit operating system for car companies, which can access modular capabilities according to their own needs, provide them with the lowest cost, the highest efficiency, and quickly enhance the intelligent cockpit experience.

However, the market is not very optimistic about Meizu car-building, even with the support of big financier Geely cars. After all, cross-border car building requires a lot of money and effort, and Meizu, as a mobile phone brand, has no experience in the automobile field, so it is not easy to get a certain position in the highly competitive automobile field.

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