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A new round of new energy vehicles went to the countryside, BYD became the biggest winner

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On May 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and villages, and the National Energy Administration organized the 2024 activities of new energy vehicles to the countryside, with a total of 99 models participating in the activities. "Automotive Industry concern" combed the list of models, including BYD, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, Changan, Chery and other brands of popular new energy models are among them, of which BYD selected a total of 17 models, or cost sub-new energy activities to the countryside the biggest winner.

Specifically, BYD has 17 models including Qin PLUS DM-i, Qin PLUS EV, Song Pro DM-i, Song L, Yuan PLUS, Yuan UP, Han DM-i, Han EV, Tang DM-i, Song PLUS DM-i Glory Edition, Song PLUS EV Glory Edition, e2 Honor Edition, Seagull Glory Edition, frigate 07 Glory Edition, Dolphin Glory Edition, Destroyer 05 Glory Edition and Seal Glory Edition, covering almost all the models BYD is selling. Among them, the price of its destroyer 05 and Qin PLUS starts from 79800 yuan.

As the largest automobile group in China, SAIC Group's independent brands include Roewe D7 DMH, Roewe eRX5, Roewe i6 MAX EV, Roewe CLEVER and Mingjue MG4 EV. SAIC GM Wuling, with minicars as the main lineup, was selected into 9 models, namely, Baojun KiWi EV, Baojun Yueya, Baojun Yunduo, Wuling colorful fruit, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY, Wuling NanoEV, Hongguang MINIEV third-generation macaron and Wuling Starlight. In addition, SAIC Volkswagen's ID.3 and SAIC GM's Buick E5 / Buick Micro Blue 6 are also among them.

Other automobile groups include Ean AION V and AION S of GAC GROUP, Red Flag E-QM5, Pentium NAT, Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ and Toyota bZ3 of FAW Group, Fengshen E70, Qichen V DD-i, Nano BOX, Honda e:NS1 of Dongfeng Motor, Lumin, Qiyuan A07, Deep Blue SL03, Auchan Z6 Smart iDD, UNI-V iDD of Changan Motor. Great Wall's Euler Lightning Cat, 2024 Euler good Cat, Harvard Owl Dragon MAX, Harvard second-generation big dog PHEV and other models were all selected.

Only three new car-building companies have models on the list, namely, Xiaopeng's P5 and G6, Hezhong's Nezhong S, Z03, T034, C10, C11, C01, and Hechuang's Z03.

This year is the fifth year that new energy vehicles go to the countryside, and the number of models participating in car companies is increasing every year. Since 2023, China's overall automobile market has shown steady growth, and new energy vehicles are the source of rapid growth.

According to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, passenger car sales in China in April were 2.001 million, up 10.5% from a year earlier and down 10.5% from a month earlier, of which 950000 new energy vehicles were sold, up 33.5% from a year earlier, far exceeding the overall increase in car sales. In addition, from January to April, China sold 7.689 million passenger vehicles, an increase of 10.5 percent over the same period last year, of which 2.94 million new energy vehicles were sold, up 32.3 percent from the same period last year, with a market share of 32.4 percent.

According to statistics, traditional car companies such as BYD, Guangzhou Automobile, Wuling, Great Wall and Chery, which are already at the forefront of the sinking market, have achieved sales of more than one million vehicles in the past four months, of which BYD has sold a cumulative total of 840000 vehicles. Geely, Changan and SAIC GM Wuling all exceed 100000, compared with the middle and low-end markets of zero-running cars, Nali cars and Xiaopeng cars. "Weili" itself is positioned as a middle-and high-end market, so even if there is a 500 billion increase in the sinking market, the current strategic focus will not be in the sinking market, but will still be grabbing the market in first-and second-tier cities. So this time, only Xiaopeng cars participate in new energy to the countryside, while Weilai and ideal cars mainly focus on the high-end market.

It should be noted that from the perspective of internal practice and long-term development of automobile enterprises, promoting new energy vehicles to the countryside can, to some extent, nurture enterprises to better "go out to sea". When the demand for car replacement and new energy vehicles is released in third-and fourth-tier cities, if the existing new energy vehicle brands can grasp domestic demand, then with a large number of orders and cash flow, they will have the strength to attack the international market.

According to data from the China Automobile Association, from January to April, the export of new energy vehicles was 421000, up 20.8 percent from the same period last year, including 337000 pure electric vehicles, up 4.5 percent from the same period last year; and 83000 mixed vehicles, up 226.7 percent from the same period last year. Overall, the certainty of the new energy vehicle race track comes from the sinking market and from overseas. In the follow-up competition, the advantages of new energy brands of traditional car companies will be more obvious, and the new forces of car-building will be more difficult, but the market does not have much time for them.

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