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BYD Fuzhou 4S store is on fire! There is no official response yet.

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According to multiple media reports, in the early morning of May 16, a fire broke out in a BYD Automobile 4S store near the highway exit in Lanpu, Qingkou Town, Minhou County, Fujian. The accident caused no casualties, but almost all the vehicles in the store were burned, and many vehicles outside the 4S store also suffered varying degrees of damage.

According to videos circulated on the Internet, the fire at the fire scene was rapid, with high flames and loud noises. The exhibition hall was burned to the point where only the frame was left. Although the fire truck quickly arrived at the scene for rescue, the fierce fire made it difficult for firefighters to get close at the beginning, especially the batteries of new energy vehicles become on fire, which increases the difficulty of extinguishing the fire. After the accident, the local fire department quickly dispatched emergency rescue. According to the Fujian Fire Department, 7 fire trucks and 29 fire rescue personnel were dispatched to the accident, and the fire was basically extinguished at 1:28 a.m. According to statistics, about 7 vehicles in the store were completely burned, and customers 'vehicles sent for repair also suffered losses. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident.

Although the fire at the scene has been extinguished, the burning situation at the scene is still very serious. Some of the burned vehicles have license plates and some have not yet. The vehicles around the accident site have also been damaged, and some vehicles near the wall have been damaged. After the incident, because it involved new energy vehicles and BYD brand models, it quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens. According to people familiar with the matter, the fire may have been caused by a circuit failure on the top floor, pointing out that from the video, the roof caught fire first. This is likely to be a line problem, but the exact cause still needs to wait for the official investigation results of the fire department.

According to estimates by people familiar with the matter, the economic losses caused by the fire may be between 4 million and 5 million yuan. Regarding compensation matters, the staff mentioned that the display vehicle has been insured, but claims and repairs involving private vehicles need to be coordinated with the owner one by one. At present, the Minhou County Fire Rescue Brigade has sealed off the fire scene for further investigation. In addition, as of press time, BYD Automobile has not yet responded to this.

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