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Fall out of the top 20! Carola sales plummeted

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As one of the three aunts on the road, Carola's monthly sales fell sharply, even out of the top 20.

Retail data show that the Corolla sold only 4320 vehicles in April 2024, ranking 55th in the car sales list and 26th in the compact sedan. In addition, the Corolla sold 36535 vehicles from January to April in 2024, with an average monthly sales of less than 10,000 vehicles. Sales of Liling, the sister model of the Carola, also fell to 6093, with cumulative sales of 26918 from January to April, with an average monthly sales of 6700.

At this point, only Xuanyi and Lang Yi are left to maintain the three aunts of the road. According to the data, Xuanyi sold 24270 vehicles in April 2024, 104206 from January to April, while Longyi sold 21117, with a cumulative sales of 89152. No matter in terms of monthly sales or total sales, Carola is less and less at the same level as Xuan Yi and Lang Yi.

The decline in Carola sales still has a big impact on Toyota. As the sales giant of the domestic and global compact car market, there is a basis for Carola to win the favor of the broad masses of people. Its three major weapons are leather durability, high-level appearance and excellent fuel economy. The global sales of Corolla models in 2023 were 1.01 million, of which 297300 were sold in China, 183200 in Carola and 114100 in Leiling, much lower than in 2022. In the domestic market, Carola's competitors include Lang Yi / Bora, Xuanyi, etc., in addition to its sister model Leiling, while with the growing strength of its own brands, the Japanese compact car market is gradually replaced by domestic cars, such as BYD Qin PLUS DM-i.

Under the sweep of new energy vehicles, the former champion models have basically begun to accelerate their decline, and their market share has been eroded by Chinese brands, especially the main Japanese models known for fuel-efficient household use, whose advantages have been wiped out by new energy electric vehicles. Leather durability, leveling appearance and excellent fuel economy are sharp tools for Japanese cars, but whether pure streetcars or mixed cars, the use cost is lower than that of Japanese entry-level fuel cars, and the advantage of intelligent configuration is obvious. coupled with the advantages of domestic cars known for performance-to-price ratio, Carola, Xuanyi, Lang Yi and other models have begun to decline, and the new energy car companies led by BYD It is the main reason for the accelerated contraction of the traditional fuel vehicle market, such as the Carola.

In addition to the car market, the SUV market is also the same. Among the top 20 models sold in the SUV market, only CR-V, Fenglanda, Corolla Ruifang, RAV4 Rongfang, Weilanda, Xiaoke, Haoying, BMW X1 and Tuyue fell to fifth, with cumulative sales of 60871 vehicles from January to April 2024, while Song PLUS led by Song PLUS with 111945.

In essence, the reason why the sales of Japanese car companies, including Toyota, continue to decline in China is that their over-conservative decision-making mechanism and fixed mode of thinking make them hesitant in the face of the new thing of intelligence. as a result, the best period of electrification and intelligence has been missed, resulting in lower and lower competitiveness of products. Of course, at present, Japanese car companies are also taking "remedial" measures to really understand the Chinese market and promote the process of electrification and intelligence.

At the beginning of this year, Toyota announced that it would spend $3.5 billion on electric vehicle research and development worldwide, aiming to achieve its goal of selling more than 1 million electric vehicles by 2025. On May 16, Honda announced that it would invest 10 trillion yen (462 billion yuan) by 2030 in an effort to transition to electrification. President Min Hong said that Honda will launch a total of seven new electric vehicle models worldwide by 2030, and plans to reach 40% of global sales of pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles at the same time. The annual production of pure electric vehicles will reach more than 2 million.

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