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Fine-tune the appearance! The advance sale of the new M7 is 298000 yuan.

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According to an official announcement, the new version of M7 Max will go on sale on May 31, with an advance price of 298000 yuan and a reservation of 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan until 20:00 on May 31. It is understood that the new version of M7 Max will be upgraded to varying degrees for the appearance and interior, as well as the smart driving ability, ride experience and comfortable configuration.

In terms of appearance, the new version of the M7 Max is mainly changed into a closed grille design, the visual effect is more concise, but the shape of the headlight group is consistent with that of the cash M7, and the headlight groups are still connected through the through-and-through LED lamp belt. According to the official picture released, the new car will also add interstellar blue colors and provide a new style of wheel shape. In addition, lidar will no longer be standard on the M7 refurbished version, and it is speculated that the new car will also provide two options for smart driving.

Interior decoration, with reference to the exposure of spy photos, M7 Max refurbished version and cash M7 little change, still equipped with 10.25inch curved full LCD dashboard and 15.6inch 2K HDR central control screen, the car is equipped with HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit system, while equipped with HUD look-up display function, but it is expected that the new M7 will be upgraded in seats, stereos and so on.

As for the power, the official has not disclosed the power and battery life of the refurbished version of the M7 Max, but as the pre-price is basically in line with the current sale of the M7 Max, it is not expected that the power will be adjusted. For reference, the M7 currently on sale is equipped with a 1.5T range booster with a maximum power of 112kW; the electric drive system offers single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive power layouts with a maximum power of 200kW and 330kW respectively; according to the power and configuration version, the car has a pure CLTC mileage of 200km-240km.

It is understood that the new M7 currently on sale in the market will be officially launched on September 12, 2023, offering five configuration models and two optional layouts of five or six seats. the starting price range is 24.98 to 329800 yuan, which falls in the same price band with the M5 of the same brand medium-sized SUV. Compared with the older models, the new M7 offers intelligent extended range, longer battery life and lower energy consumption, as well as two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. To put it simply, the price of the new M7 is not only reduced but also added, and its price is comparable to the M5 that locates the medium-sized SUV. Coupled with the blessing of Huawei's smart car, it will detonate the market as soon as it is listed. Since October 2023, M7 sales have continued to exceed 10,000, making it a veritable popular model.

According to the data, the M7 sold 78858 vehicles from January to April in 2024, making it the best-selling medium and large SUV, followed by the ideal L7 with 43236, the BMW X5 with 32531 and the ideal L8 with 25945. In other words, although the monthly sales of the ideal car are basically not much different from the question line, it is not difficult to see that the sales volume of the M7 alone exceeds the sum of the ideal L7 and the ideal L8. After Huanxin, the M7 is expected to have a certain impact on the ideal car.

At present, there are many products to choose from in the large SUV market segment, including Xingtuxing era ET (official guidance price: 189800-225800 yuan), ideal L6 (official guidance price: 249800-279800 yuan) and Lantu FREE (official guidance price: 266900 yuan) and so on. Judging from the pre-price announced this time, how much can the final price of the new M7 be reduced?

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