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Xiaopeng Motor enters Hong Kong Market

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On May 17, Xiaopeng officially entered the Hong Kong market, and the Xiaopeng G6 and Xiaopeng X9 models were put on sale in Hong Kong, China. Earlier, Xiaopeng announced a partnership with Senami Automobile Group on April 10, authorizing Senami Automobile Group to be the official agent of Xiaopeng Automobile in Hong Kong. Xiaopeng G6 and Xiaopeng X9 will be listed in mid-May. Delivery will begin in the third quarter, and Xiaopeng flagship stores will be opened in Hong Kong.

According to the official website, the standard continued version of the Xiaopeng G6 costs 299900 Hong Kong dollars, or about 277700 yuan, and the long-lasting version costs 399900 Hong Kong dollars, or about 370000 yuan. As a reference, the mainland in the sale of Xiaopeng G6 guidance price range of 19.99-256900 yuan. According to previous reports, the Xiaopeng G6 is the first model under the "rocking" architecture of Xiaopeng SEPA2.0, offering two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive power, of which the two-wheel drive version has the maximum power 218kW with peak torque of 440N ·m and the four-wheel drive version of 358kW with comprehensive torque of 660N ·m. In terms of mileage, the mileage is 580km in CLTC condition, 755km in CLTC condition, 755km in CLTC condition and 700km in CLTC condition of all-wheel drive model. In addition to the Hong Kong market, the Xiaopeng G6 has already launched the right rudder version in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and is scheduled to start delivery within this year.

Xiaopeng G6 is located in medium-sized pure electric SUV, using coupe SUV design style, length, width and height is 4753/1920/1650mm, wheelbase is 2890mm, the same class models include Tesla Model Y, BYD Song L, etc. Combined with sales data, Xiaopeng G6 sales from January to April this year was 6569, compared with Tesla Model Y, BYD Song L, there is a significant gap.

As for the Xiaopeng X9, the official price range has not been announced, but the intended pre-tax price will not exceed 500000 Hong Kong dollars (about 463000 yuan). The final price will be approved by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. According to previous reports, Xiaopeng X9 is Xiaopeng's sixth production car and its first MPV, positioning pure electric intelligent seven-seat MPV model, using pure electric power system, officially launched in January this year, the price range is 35.98-419800 yuan. In terms of power, the Xiaopeng X9 will be equipped with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Among them, the maximum power of the drive motor carried by the two-wheel drive model is 235 kilowatts; the maximum power of the motor before and after the four-wheel drive model is 235 kilowatts and 135 kilowatts respectively. In terms of battery life, there are three versions: the standard version has a capacity of 84.5kWh battery pack and the CLTC has a mileage of 610km; the long-lasting version and the four-wheel drive version have a capacity of 101.5 kWh, and the CLTC mileage is 702km and 640km (all-wheel drive), respectively.

Xiaopeng X9 locates medium and large pure electric MPV with 5293/1988/1785mm in length, width and height and 3160mm in wheelbase. The same class models include Lantu Dreamer, Wei Brand Gaoshan, Polar Krypton 009, Tengli D9 and so on. Combined with sales data, Xiaopeng X9 is Xiaopeng's best-selling model, with sales of 9831 vehicles from January to April this year, ranking sixth in the medium and large MPV market, followed by Tengli D9, with 32646 vehicles.

Overseas layout is also the way to redeem Xiaopeng car. Xiaopeng has reached strategic cooperation with five local dealer groups in five central and eastern African markets, including the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon, and will expand other European markets, including Germany, Britain, Italy and France, this year.

On May 16, Xiaopeng Motor held the launch event of Xiaopeng G9 in Paris and officially entered the French market. It is understood that the price range of the 2024 Xiaopeng G9 in France is 59990 to 73990 euros, equivalent to RMB 470000 to 580000 yuan, and delivery is scheduled to begin in July this year. In addition, Xiaopeng also exhibited the Xiaopeng G6, which is scheduled to go on sale in France next month. "I hope that half of Xiaopeng's future revenue will be in other global markets and half of its revenue will be in China," he Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Motor and CEO, said in an interview.

Those who have been at the top of the list of new power brands many times with technical labels are now struggling below the sales average. In 2024, whether Xiaopeng Automobile with large-scale, intelligent and international layout can usher in a new inflection point in brand development, "Automotive Industry concern" will also continue to pay attention.

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