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Lacquer wrinkles! Chery Xingtuo apologized

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Recently, due to the cracking and explosion of paint bubbles, Xingtuo Yaoguang model has received a large number of complaints from car owners.

From the car quality network, we can see that most of the models complained by car owners are 2023 Yaoguang models. Some car owners complained that in less than a year of new cars, the doors burst one after another, and the doors appeared in a state of explosive paint. The situation continues to deteriorate. From the pictures released by the car owners, we can see that there are indeed a large number of car paint wrinkled drum bags on the inside of the car door.

In addition, some netizens posted that they bought the Xingtuo Yao Guang two-wheel drive car in November 2023, confirmed that there was no overpaint on the car door before purchase, and found that the front and rear doors on the left side were overpainted in April, and there was a growing trend. 4s shop proposed re-painting, but due to the loss of the new car, he could not accept such a solution. I hope the manufacturer will give us a reasonable solution.

In response to a large number of complaints from netizens, Starway Motor also issued a letter of apology yesterday to respond. The official pointed out in the letter of apology: recently, it has been noted that some users have reflected the existence of paint wrinkles on the inner panels of the doors of Yaoguang models, and after receiving feedback from users, a special working group has been set up immediately to investigate, analyze and formulate solutions to the problems, and all efforts will be made to solve this problem in the future.

As for why the vehicles appear paint wrinkles, officials said that the main purpose is to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the car body. The inner plate of the Yaoguang car door is made of zinc, magnesium and aluminum, which is significantly improved compared with ordinary galvanized materials. But at the same time, this new material has higher requirements on the paint spraying process, and there may be a phenomenon that it is not in place in the implementation process, which may lead to local wrinkles in the paint at the edge of the inner panel of the car door. this phenomenon does not affect any function of the vehicle according to the analysis of the company's experts. The team of experts has improved the painting process of related parts before May 15 to ensure that similar phenomena will not occur in products produced from now on.

For the current vehicles with paint wrinkles, you can go to Xingtu authorized dealers to check and deal with them free of charge. Officials will provide lifetime warranty service for this phenomenon, and give free basic maintenance worth 350 yuan to all Yaoguang users produced before May 15, 2024.

Data show: Xingtu Motor is a high-end brand established by Chery in 2018, and its products are wind series, TX series, TXL series, moon series and Yaoguang and other models. Among them, Xingtuo Yaoguang is a blockbuster model launched by the Xingtuo brand last year. On February 21 last year, the new car positioning medium-sized SUV launched a total of 6 models with a price range of 15.28-202800 yuan. The first model based on M3X Mars Architecture 2.0 uses a new design language and is powered by a 2.0T engine that matches a seven-speed wet double clutch transmission. For the arrival of the new car, officials are full of confidence, once said Yaoguang has omni-directional bid 400000 joint venture luxury SUV strength.

However, it is a pity that after Xingtuo Yaoguang listed, the sales volume is not very outstanding. Data show that the cumulative sales of Yaoguang in 2023 is 24939 vehicles. From January to March this year, sales showed a trend of decline month by month. From January to March, Yaoguang sold 2091, 1221 and 693 vehicles respectively. Of course, Yaoguang's recent decline in sales is likely to have something to do with recent complaints. In the follow-up, it remains to be seen whether Yaoguang's sales can be improved after the official solution of the paint wrinkle problem.

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