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Drop hammer! Audi announced to the automobile official.

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On May 20, SAIC and Audi announced the formal signing of a cooperation agreement to jointly develop a new platform focused on the Chinese market, the Intelligent Digital platform (Advanced Digitized Platform). This is further progress following the signing of a memorandum of understanding on deepening strategic cooperation between the two sides in July 2023.

Judging from the contents of the press releases issued by the two sides, the two sides will build a new generation of high-end intelligent Internet models based on the platform, a cooperation model that has significantly shortened the launch cycle of Audi products by more than 30%. It is understood that the first models based on this platform will be three pure electric models covering the B-class and C-class market segments, and the new models will be equipped with the industry's top software and hardware. Among them, the first pure electric car will be introduced to the market in 2025.

On July 26, 2023, SAIC and Audi signed a memorandum of understanding that the two sides will combine their respective advantages to speed up the development of SAIC Audi's new electric models to meet the needs of Chinese users for high-end electric smart cars. According to a press release at that time, the two sides may cooperate based on the pure electric exclusive serialization platform "SAIC Nebula", which can derive different levels of pure electric exclusive architecture, covering compact cars, medium-sized cars, luxury cars and sedans, sports cars, SUV, MPV and other multi-level and multi-category vehicle products in the global market.

With the signing of the cooperation agreement between SAIC and Audi, it means that the two sides will jointly develop electric vehicles. It is understood that a joint project management team based on this cooperation has been set up, and Ferm í n Soneira from Audi will serve as CEO, who said: "this joint project demonstrates the essence of cooperation of 'sharing beauty and sharing beauty and starting a new chapter'. We will jointly promote development, procurement, production and sales. As both sides devote their core strengths, I firmly believe that Audi will make full use of 'Chinese speed' and the vitality of market innovation to continue to shape the future of high-end electric travel. "

The current pattern of the electric vehicle market is being reshaped. In view of the cooperation between SAIC and Audi in the development of electric vehicles, the industry believes that the move is related to the fact that SAIC and Audi brands have not achieved significant results in electrification transformation in recent years.

Take Audi as an example. China is already Audi's largest single market in the world, but its performance in China is not good. Oliver Blume, chief executive of Volkswagen Group, has publicly acknowledged that the Audi brand lags behind its competitors, particularly in electric cars, and has promised to revive Audi's highlight moment in the future. It should be noted that, as one of the luxury brands of Volkswagen Group, Audi does not have its own electric platform, and its electric vehicles are built on four electric vehicle platforms shared by Volkswagen brands, including J1 high-performance electric platform, MEB platform, MLB evo platform and PPE platform. Among them, the J1 platform is used to build high-end pure electric sedan models, such as Porsche and Audi e-tron GT;MEB platform to build Volkswagen ID. Pure electric models are entry-level models, while the MLB evo platform is mainly used to manufacture fuel models.

According to the official website, Audi currently sells new energy vehicles in China, including Q2L e-tron, A6L e-tron, Q4 e-tron, e-tron, Q5L e-tron and so on, but the sales performance is not excellent. Retail data show that from January to April this year, cumulative sales of Q4 e-tron, Q5 e-tron, e-tron and Q2L e-tron were 4970, 1450, 292 and 5 respectively.

At present, Audi has three joint ventures in China, including FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Audi and Audi FAW. Audi has more leading power in Audi FAW, and the company will focus on the development of new energy vehicles. It is seen as the key for Audi to expand its lineup of electric vehicles in China and the world. It is understood that FAW Audi's new pure electric SUV Q6L e-tron has been unveiled at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. The car is based on the new PPE platform, and it is also Audi's first model based on this new electric vehicle platform. The new car will be mass produced in Audi FAW's new plant in the fourth quarter of this year, and the first products are expected to be delivered to customers in 2025.

As a traditional luxury brand, Audi knows that only by accelerating the pace of electrified transformation can the possibility of being left behind be reduced. After the cooperation between Audi and SAIC, Audi will further expand the lineup of pure electric models in China. In this regard, Audi Global CEO Gernot D ö llner (Gernot D ö llner) said that the deepening cooperation marks another important milestone for Audi to promote its China strategy, and through cooperation with SAIC, Audi will further accelerate its electrification strategy in China. As for the cooperation with SAIC, it will take more time to see whether Audi can have a different picture at that time.

According to Audi's new energy strategy, Audi will invest 35 billion euros by 2025, its pure electric models will reach 20, and about 1/3 of the cars delivered worldwide will come from new energy vehicles; starting from 2026, Audi will only launch pure electric vehicles for the global market. By 2033, we will gradually stop the production of internal combustion engine models and comprehensively accelerate the transformation of brand electrification. At that time, Audi's own production base around the world will be put into electric vehicle production.

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