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Volkswagen abandons full electrification? Official response

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According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen Group may adjust its electrification layout, and its strategy of fully developing all-electric vehicles no longer exists. There are also reports that as market demand for pure electric vehicles slows down, the Volkswagen brand may produce and sell more plug-in hybrid models. Prior to this, Volkswagen, as the earliest and invested a lot of money in the electric transformation, maintained a firm attitude towards pure electric transformation.

In this regard, the Volkswagen brand said: "This is wrong. Volkswagen has not given up on full electrification. "Officials said that during the transformation process, due to the differences in the pace of market development around the world, the layout of the power system must be flexibly promoted. In the next three years, Volkswagen plans to launch more than 40 new models in China, half of which will be new energy vehicles. Volkswagen will provide efficient internal combustion engine models, plug-in hybrid models and pure electric vehicles.

Volkswagen Group was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is the largest automobile company in Europe and one of the first foreign automobile companies to enter the Chinese automobile market. Today, the Chinese market has become the largest single market of Volkswagen Group in the world. What needs to be faced with is that even though the Chinese market is still Volkswagen Group's largest single market in the world, Volkswagen is under tremendous pressure with the changes in the domestic auto market.

In the Chinese market, Volkswagen is the most committed to the development of electric vehicles, and is also an international car company with good development in the field of joint venture electric vehicles. As of now, Volkswagen's ID. family models in China include ID.3, ID.4CROZZ, ID.4X, ID.6CROZZ and ID.6X. However, compared with mainstream Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, Volkswagen still cannot compete with them. Retail data shows that from January to April this year, Volkswagen sold 23612 ID.3 units and 11976 ID.4CROZZ units, while ID.4X, ID.7 VIZZION, and ID.6 CROZZ units all sold less than 10,008 units, 3835 units and 1282 units respectively.

Currently, Volkswagen Group is facing the pain of electrification transformation. Of course, not only Volkswagen, but most traditional car companies are facing similar problems today. But for the current Volkswagen Group, the current important task is not only to accelerate the transformation of new energy, but also to stabilize the foundation of fuel vehicles. Regarding the subsequent sales target, Ralf Brandstaetter, Chairman and CEO of Volkswagen Group (China), told the media: "Currently, Volkswagen's oil vehicle fundamentals are strong. In the future, Volkswagen Group plans to achieve sales of international car companies in China. The first position and achieve the goal of ranking among the top three in sales in the Chinese market. "

According to the plan, Volkswagen Group plans to launch 30 locally produced fuel and hybrid models in 2027; by 2030, Volkswagen China will provide at least 30 pure electric models in the Chinese market, and Volkswagen Group will become China's top three car companies, but with the continuous innovation of the auto market, China does not have much time left for the public.

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