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Chairman of Great Wall criticized Harvard H6

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At a recent internal meeting, Wei Jianjun again lambasted Harvard H6's marketing strategy, accusing stakeholders of lack of user thinking and market sensitivity, Li Ruifeng, CGO of Great Wall, wrote on May 20. To this end, Li Ruifeng reflected from three major aspects. First, Wei Jianjun went to the front of the stage, but the team did not keep up. Secondly, Harvard H6 once enjoyed the dividend of market take-off, but also lost the motivation for reform and innovation. Finally, the most important thing that Harvard H6 needs to change is to implement comprehensive To C.

Harvard H6 is an epoch-making model of Chinese automobile brand and Chinese automobile market. It breaks the monopoly market position of joint venture SUV and remains the best-selling SUV in China for many years in a row. In 2011, Great Wall launched the Harvard H6 model, which competed with the then popular CR-V, Rongfang and other joint venture compact SUV, and topped the list of SUV sales in China for a decade in a row, allowing more consumers to realize their SUV dreams. However, with the rapid rise of new energy vehicles, electric and intelligent products begin to be favored by consumers, and the market position of Harvard H6 is threatened, resulting in a continuous decline in sales.

In 2021, Harvard H6 sold 352900 vehicles, down 3.2 per cent from a year earlier. In 2022, Harvard H6 fell to third place, with annual sales of 250100 vehicles, down 29.1% from the same period last year, making it the biggest decline in the SUV list. It was overtaken by BYD Song and Tesla Model Y, which have been electrified, with sales of 478800 and 315300 respectively. At that time, BYD Song overtook Nissan Xuanyi to become the best-selling model. By 2023, the Harvard H6 had fallen to sixth place, with annual sales of 218200 vehicles, down 12.75% from a year earlier. As of April, the Hover H6 sold 55800 vehicles, ranking 10th in the SUV list and eighth in the compact SUV list, far below the previous mainstream SUV models in the market, of which the Song PLUS had 119500, twice as many as the Hover H6.

Outsiders believe that the decline of Harvard H6 for many years is that the transformation of new energy is too slow and misses the best opportunity to enter the new energy vehicle market. In addition, the redundancy of the product line is also an important problem that perplexes Harvard H6. For a long time, Harvard has been crazily laid out in the compact SUV market, and this market alone has laid out nearly 10 models, such as Harvard Big Dog, Harvard Red Rabbit, Harvard Raptor, Harvard M6, Harvard Cool Dog and so on, indirectly leading to the collapse of the Harvard H6 market.

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Great Wall officially unveiled a new generation of Harvard H6. It is understood that this is the fourth generation of Harvard H6 since its birth, the new generation of Harvard H6 based on the Great Wall lemon platform, using a new design, trying to revive sales through product upgrades. However, the new generation of Harvard H6 is still dominated by fuel vehicles, still equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T turbocharged four-cylinder engines, but the parameters have been improved. The maximum power of the 2.0T engine has increased from 155 kilowatts to 170 kilowatts, and the maximum power of the 1.5T model has been adjusted from 110 kilowatts to 130 kilowatts. The transmission system is expected to match the 7-damp double-clutch gearbox and still use the rear multi-link suspension.

For the replacement of the Harvard H6, the greatest significance is to maintain the market of the Harvard brand and maintain the market competition in keeping up with the trend of the times, and according to the tonality of the Harvard brand, it is expected that the new generation of Harvard H6 will still adopt the strategy of selling together with the old and new after its listing, providing consumers with more choices, but as more and more brands achieve electrification and intelligent upgrading, the future of Harvard H6 will only become more and more difficult.

Wei Jianjun pointed out that despite the continuous technological advances in the Harvard H6, such as the advanced 2.0T engine and 9DCT gearbox, as well as the award-winning Hi4 safety system, these selling points have not been effectively passed on to consumers, marketing strategies have failed to highlight these technological advantages, resulting in a lack of market perception, and "no marketing" is not just on this car, which exposes the shortcomings of the entire marketing team.

This year, Great Wall Motor has made a major adjustment in its organizational structure, with special emphasis on the role of China Taiwan. This reform aims to improve the overall operational efficiency and market adaptability of the company through more effective resource integration and rapid response to market demand. This shows that the company is making changes in its internal structure to support a more flexible and responsive market strategy.

In order to enhance the influence of the brand, Wei Jianjun changed his low-key style and actively participated in social media activities. In April this year, Wei Jianjun opened a text and video social platform account, and conducted a number of live broadcasts before and after the Beijing auto show, covering technical display, model promotion and other areas. Wei Jianjun re-emphasized the need for management to step forward at the shareholders' meeting on May 10.

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