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Great Wall 4S store caught fire, official response

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According to reports, in the early morning of May 22, a fire broke out at the 14S store of Great Wall Motors in Urumqi Seibote International Automobile City. According to videos circulated on the Internet, the fire was rapid and smoke was coming out at the scene. After the accident, many fire engines rushed to the scene to rescue, and the fire lasted for nearly three hours before being extinguished.

In response to the fire incident at a 4S store of Great Wall Motors in Xinjiang, CGO Li Ruifeng of Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd. issued a document announcing details of the accident and releasing a solution.

Li Ruifeng said that at around 12 o'clock last night, a fire broke out in the Xinjiang Tianyu Huajun dealership due to a short circuit in the transformer box. Three exhibition cars were slightly damaged due to the falling ceiling. Fortunately, no one was injured. Li Ruifeng pointed out that the accident itself was an internal matter, but after seeing reports on the Internet, many customers in the comment area asked about car purchase and maintenance matters, and considering the increased travel needs of users at this time and the users 'pick-up, maintenance, and after-sales needs, I worked out a solution with the team in the morning:

1. There are currently 5 Tank Wei brand 4S stores in Urumqi. Users of Tianyu Huajun store can choose from the other 4 4S stores to provide after-sales services and provide door-to-door pickup and delivery services;2. For the users of the store's vehicles to be picked up, Great Wall Motors will use the opposite Tank City exhibition hall to provide sales reception and delivery services, and at the same time, all 4 4S stores can provide door-to-door test drive services to ensure everyone's car purchase experience; 3. In order to comprehensively protect users 'car purchase, car experience and dealers' property safety, Great Wall Motors has required dealers across the country to conduct safety hazard investigations.

Finally, Li Ruifeng reminded everyone at the end of his blog post that summer is approaching and extreme weather is frequent. He called on both business premises and families to pay attention to safety inspections and raise awareness of safety precautions.

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