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Lantu FREE 318 official picture released!

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The official picture of Lantu FREE 318 was released on May 23rd, and officials said that the new car would be pre-sold on May 30th. As a reference, the price of the model currently on sale is 266900 yuan.

From the latest official picture, the appearance of the new car is basically consistent with the current model, but a new design style is adopted in the detailed design, which makes the new car more young and fashionable. The front face uses a large-size intake grille and flattening treatment, the center of the grille is inlaid with a brand logo, the top is a LED light source penetrating light belt, and the front is surrounded by a machine armor style design, which has a great visual impact. On the side of the body, the lines of the new car are smooth, the roof luggage rack and the periphery of the window are fumigated, and it is equipped with the popular hidden door handle design. In details, the new car uses a brand-new star ring five-spoke dynamic rim and adds a dazzling blade red caliper design to further increase the stylish sports sense of the new car. In addition, compared with the current model, the new car has added its own titanium crystal ash car color, which can be more selective. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4905/1950/1645mm and the wheelbase is 2960mm. In the rear part, the new car adopts through-type lamp group design, which has a good degree of recognition after lighting, and the rear surround shape echoes with the front face, and provides a two-stage rear spoiler to enhance the movement atmosphere.

The interior part, which has not been officially announced, is expected to follow the cash model design style, but the details will be adjusted. In terms of power, the new car will provide both rear-drive and four-wheel drive power, but the detailed parameters are also not released. It is expected to be equipped with the new 43kWh Ningde ternary lithium battery and pure electric range 318km. "318km defines the longest pure electric battery hybrid SUV," officials said. According to the previous declaration, the Lantu FREE rear-drive version will be equipped with a power system composed of a 1.5T extender and a rear axle motor, with a maximum power of 110kW and a maximum power of 200kW of the rear axle motor.

Lantu Automobile is a high-end intelligent electric brand of Dongfeng Automobile Group, which was founded in 2018 and officially released its brand logo and Chinese name in July 2020. Up to now, there are three models of SUV Lantu FREE, MPV Lantu dreamer and car Lantu Yuguang under Lantu Automobile. Among them, the Lantu FREE is the first mass production model under Lantu Motors, which was put on the market in June 2021 and is currently priced at 266900 yuan.

As a high-end new energy brand of Dongfeng Motor, Dongfeng Automobile gives Lantu Automobile an important task and places high hopes on it. Unfortunately, its performance in the market is very general. In 2023, Lantu set a sales target of 50, 000 vehicles, and finally achieved the target with retail sales of 50279 vehicles, including 26518 for Lantu dreamers, 18796 for Lantu FREE and 4965 for Lantu Yuguang. For this year's annual sales target, Lantu directly increased to 100000 vehicles.

The latest retail figures show that from January to April this year, the cumulative sales of Lantu cars was 20347, completing only 20.34 per cent of the annual sales of 100000 vehicles. In terms of vehicle segmentation, the highest-selling model of Lantu car this year is the Lantu Dreamer, which is 10862, while the Lantu FREE and Lantu Yuguang are 6877 and 2608 respectively. Among them, the sales of Lantu FREE in the first four months were 2333, 1260, 2345 and 939 respectively.

Comprehensive positioning of the new car, the new car will be listed with the ideal L6, ideal L7, M7 and other models of the same level of competition, but whether it is the ideal car or the boundary car, the two are extremely hot in the car market, in contrast, Lantu FREE 318 winning points are not many. For the more fierce competition in 2024, how to break the situation of Lantu Automobile is a problem that it has to think about.

According to the plan, Lantu Automobile will launch a new SUV model this year. At present, the new car has appeared in the declaration catalogue. The new car was previously code-named H37 and positioned as a pure electric medium-sized SUV, which is lower than the Lantu FREE. It may become a new entry-level product of the Lantu car family, and the price may also be explored. In addition, according to the vehicle nameplate, the new car is expected to be named after "Lantu bosom friend". It is reported that the new car will be built by Lantu in cooperation with Huawei and will be equipped with Huawei's smart cockpit and smart driving system.

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