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Audi owners are harassed by "pop-up windows"! Official response

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According to the "Shenyang Evening News" report, after Mr. Li, the owner of Shenyang Audi's car and aircraft networking service expired, a "renewal reminder" would pop up every time he started the vehicle. If he did not turn it off manually, the pop-up window would always be displayed, affecting driving safety.

It is understood that Mr. Li purchased this Audi model three years ago. It is the 2021 Audi A6L sedan. The Audi manufacturer donated three years of vehicle-machine networking service, which will expire on March 31, 2024. During the expiration of the service, Mr. Li believed that the service had limited functions and the annual fee of 1188 yuan was relatively expensive, so Mr. Li did not plan to renew after the service expired. However, after the service expired, every time the vehicle was started, a "renewal reminder" would pop up on the central control screen as soon as possible, allowing Mr. Li to renew the purchase. Even the renewal reminder blocked the screen, resulting in the reversing image being unable to be displayed. Mr. Li had no choice but to find the 4S store. Communication, and the Audi 4S store that originally bought the car had already withdrawn.

Therefore, Mr. Li could only find Audi manufacturers to seek solutions. However, after many communications, Mr. Li received the answer that the pop-up window was designed by the manufacturer and the owner could not close it by himself. According to Audi customer service, the pop-up window is because the service has expired and users can choose not to renew it. The pop-up window can be turned off, but it can only be closed once and cannot be closed permanently. In other words, if you want the pop-up window to disappear, you can only renew it. Although according to Audi, it is indeed a problem regardless of car owners, or it is just Mr. Li's problem, the car manufacturers are indeed doing it for profit.

With the improvement of new energy and intelligence in automobiles, automobiles, as important information terminals, can accept network information at any time. Many automobile companies have begun to use vehicle-machine systems to conduct commercial promotion and other explorations and attempts. For auto companies, the car's central control screen is expected to become the next target entry for advertising traffic.

The phenomenon of pop-up windows on car central control screens not only triggered everyone's vigilance about driving safety, but also caused many people to worry that "there will be more and more pop-up windows in the future." This also reminds automobile companies once again that while pursuing interests, they cannot ignore their own responsibilities. Advertising is one of the means to attract customers and gain revenue, but whether it is advertising or other information, the push and operation must be based on security. Standardizing pop-ups on central control screens requires the joint efforts of the entire industry. Therefore, the best way is to provide a selective interface. When car owners freely choose whether to receive pop-up advertisements, car manufacturers will no longer use pop-up advertisements to protect the vital interests of car owners.

The People's Daily said,"Safety comes first. At no time should commercial interests override user safety. Strictly adhering to the bottom line of safety and taking care of the user experience is the manifestation of truly caring for car owners. "

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