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More official pictures of Avita 07 will be released and will be listed in the third quarter

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On May 27th, Avita officially released more official pictures of its new medium-sized SUV-- Avita 07. It is understood that Avita 07 is the third production car under Avita Technology, positioning medium-sized SUV. Compared with Avita 11 and Avita 12, the new car will have two power forms, extended-range version and pure electric version, and is expected to be priced in the range of 25-350000 yuan. at present, the declaration has been completed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and will be listed in the third quarter at the earliest.

In terms of appearance, the recognizable front face design and body curve style can be seen at a glance that it comes from Avita. The Avita 07 is a complete continuation of the family front face design and lamp group shape, equipped with a "C" daytime driving light belt and a lidar on the roof. At the same time, the bulging lines of the front hatch also appropriately enhance the muscular sense of the car, with slightly shovel-shaped front lips to increase the sense of movement of the vehicle. The official picture released this time is still an extended version of the model, the front enclosure is decorated with diamond lines, and the bottom grille retains the heat vent of the engine, while the position of the pure electric version is a closed strip arranged longitudinally.

On the side of the body, the Avita 07 has the outline of a traditional SUV, with hidden door handles and slightly raised front and rear eyebrows to make it look more smart and stylish, without the clunkiness of a medium-sized SUV. At the same time, the addition of large-size dense spoke rims also increases the sense of movement of the car. In terms of size, the Avita 07 length, width and height are 4825/1980/1620mm, wheelbase 2940mm, positioning medium-sized SUV. In the rear part, the Avita 07 is equipped with slender taillights, the license plate frame area and the vehicle tail mark are painted in black.

According to previous spy photos of the interior, the overall interior design of the Avita 07 is basically the same as that of the Avita 12. In addition to the conventional large-size suspended central control screen, the rear of the steering wheel also provides an integrated "fish screen" that runs through the main driver and the passenger car. And there are very few physical buttons in the car. Matched with the electronic rearview mirror outside the car, there is a rearview display screen on each side of the car.

In terms of power, the Avita 07 has two forms of power, of which the pure electric version offers a two-wheel drive model with a maximum drive motor of 252 kilowatts and a four-wheel drive model with a dual motor from the front 188 kilowatts to 252 kilowatts. The extended range version is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 115 kilowatts. In terms of motor, the two-wheel drive version carries a maximum power of 231 kilowatt single motor, while the four-wheel drive version carries a front 131 kilowatt and rear 231 kilowatt dual motor.

The Avita 07, the third production car owned by Avita Technology, will be equipped with Huawei's advanced intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS Hongmeng cockpit, as well as power batteries that support overcharging in the Ningde era. According to the Changan Automobile Annual report, Avita Technology will also launch Avita 15 in 2024, when Avita will have four products on sale.

2023 will be a year without surprises for Avita. According to the Changan Automobile Annual report, Avita's revenue in 2023 was 5.643 billion yuan, but it was still in a state of loss, and the net loss increased from 2.015 billion in 2022 to 3.693 billion in 2023, an increase of 83.22% over the same period last year. As time goes on, from 2020 to 2021, Avita made a net loss of 150 million and 209 million respectively, and it has accumulated a loss of about 8 billion yuan in four years. For the continued losses, Changan Automobile said that Avita is in a strategic investment period and has invested a lot of resources in product research and development, brand promotion, channel building, and the introduction of technical personnel, resulting in losses.

In terms of sales plan, Changan Automobile once gave Avita a sales target of 100000 vehicles in 2023, but in fact Avita sold only 27600 vehicles for the whole year, only 27.6% of the sales target. After entering 2024, Avita did not have many surprises. A total of 19800 vehicles were sold in the first four months, and according to Avita's expected delivery target of 84000 vehicles, only 23.6% has been completed so far.

Avita Technology has also undergone a lot of changes in recent months. In terms of personnel, Zhu Huarong, party committee secretary and chairman of Changan Automobile, will also serve as chairman of Avita; Wang Xiaofei, vice president of Changan Automobile, will assist Zhu Huarong in Avita enterprise operation, major project promotion, key business operation, etc. Chen Zhuosheng, former senior executive vice president of Avita, will be fully responsible for the operation and management of Avita. Tan Benhong no longer served as chairman and CEO of Avita, but became deputy secretary of the party committee of Changan Automobile; many personnel adjustments also showed how much Changan Automobile attached importance to Avita.

In addition, according to media reports, Avita will comprehensively change from the direct operation mode to the dealer mode. During the conversion period, employees can choose whether to stay or not, and Avita officials will give corresponding compensation measures. It is understood that at present, Avita has basically turned direct stores into dealer stores, leaving only a small number of direct stores in the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Among them, there are 5 directly operated stores in Shanghai. The change of the model does not affect sales, and the model prices and preferential measures of the transformed dealer stores and direct stores are consistent.

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