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The first model of Xiaopeng MONA may be named "want to 03".

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Recently, a photo of a real car at the back of Xiaopeng MONA's first model has been posted on the Internet.

As can be seen from the exposed pictures, the overall style of the vehicle is more athletic and the shape is simple, with a brand new brand logo in the middle and a T-shaped taillight on both sides. It is worth mentioning that the rear of the new car is engraved with the words "want to go 03". In addition, Xiaopeng previously registered the "want to" brand trademark and MONA series brand logo, the new car may be named want to 03.

In fact, earlier spy photos of Xiaopeng's first MONA model have been exposed on the Internet. In terms of appearance, the front face is equipped with a closed front grille, the side of the body is equipped with currently popular hidden doors, look around cameras, black door and window decorations, etc., which greatly enhance the fashion sense of the vehicle. Taillight is an integrated lamp group design, combined with headlights, highly recognizable. In terms of interior decoration, its overall shape is similar to the existing Xiaopeng family model, the interior provides black, white and other theme colors, equipped with double-spoke multi-function steering wheel with large-size suspension central control screen. In terms of batteries, the new car will be equipped with a single motor rear drive system, equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack, integrated range or up to 550km.

Data show: Xiaopeng MONA, jointly created by Didi and Xiaopeng, was released at this year's Beijing Auto Show. MONA brand means Made Of New AI, and the new brand locates the global popularity of AI smart cars. According to official news earlier, the first product of the MONA brand is positioned as an A-class smart electric car, priced at about 150000 yuan, will be mass produced this year and will be sold at C-end and B-end. The first model is positioned as a compact all-electric sedan, and the new car will be unveiled in June, launched in the third quarter and delivered in the fourth quarter. The cooperation between the two sides is mainly responsible for design and partial research and development, while Xiaopeng is responsible for follow-up research and development, supply chain, manufacturing and sales.

He Xiaopeng, as a CEO, is also very confident about the arrival of the first new car of Xiaopeng MONA. It has said: the new car will be a good-looking product with the highest intelligence and competitive cost. It is believed that it will become a star product in the A-class pure electricity market, and the annual sales of MONA are expected to reach 100000 vehicles. There is no doubt that Xiaopeng is anxious to launch a new brand, which has something to do with the fierce competition and poor sales of new energy vehicles in recent years. Figures show that Xiaopeng sold 9026 cars in March, compared with 21821 in the first quarter of this year.

Sales have not improved and losses continue. Data show that Xiaopeng Motor made a net loss of 1.37 billion yuan in the first quarter. As of March 31, 2024, the company's cash and cash equivalents, restricted cash, short-term investments and time deposits are RMB 41.4 billion. In the face of poor sales and continued losses, Xiaopeng has to pin its hopes on the MONA brand. However, from the point of view of the price of models, models at the level of 10-150000 yuan are extremely competitive in the market, and most of the market share is occupied by models such as BYD. If there is nothing special about Xiaopeng's brand A-class products, it's hard to stand out in this field.

This year's goal, he Xiaopeng hopes: "the performance should be more than doubled, the organization should complete all the shortcomings, and the management should begin to take the first step towards high quality." The annual sales target is expected to exceed 280000 vehicles. As a reference, Xiaopeng sold a total of 31214 cars from January to April 2024. If calculated according to the annual sales target of 280000 vehicles, only 15.6% of the annual target of 280000 will be achieved.

For sales in the second quarter, officials expect to reach 29000 to 32000. Reference Xiaopeng sold 9393 vehicles in April, which must exceed 22000 from May to June. With the release of Xiaopeng's first new car, it may help Xiaopeng reach its expected sales target in the second quarter, but it will also face some challenges in order to achieve its annual sales target of 280000.

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