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It starts at 99800 yuan! BYD Seal 06 / Qin L listed

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At BYD's fifth-generation DM technology conference on the evening of May 28th, BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu said that the fifth-generation DM technology engine thermal efficiency reached 46.06%, fuel consumption reached 2.9L per hundred kilometers, and comprehensive mileage reached 2100KM.

At this press conference, Qin L DM-i and Seal 06 DM-i, equipped with the fifth generation DM technology, were officially on the market, and the two new cars were delivered immediately, using the strategy of two cars at the same price. They all launched five models with a price range of 99800 yuan to 139800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the front face of Qin L DM-i is similar to Qin PLUS DM-i, with a large bottom grille and internal trim of different lengths, combined with diversion grooves on both sides to enhance the sense of movement of the vehicle. In addition, the new car uses a newly designed headlight group, and the trim connecting the lamp group draws lessons from Song L's flattened design, making the overall style of the vehicle younger and ferocious.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4830/1900/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2790mm. The new car has the same body size as the Seal 06 DM-i and can be regarded as a sister model. In addition, as a comparison, the length, width and height of Qin PLUS models are 4765/1837/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2718mm. By contrast, the overall size of the new car is larger than that of Qin PLUS.

In the interior part, the new car is equipped with embedded large-size LCD instrument and iconic rotatable central control screen, which does not lose the sense of science and technology. in addition, the new car also uses a new style three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and wireless mobile phone charging and other configurations to meet the needs of current users.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the latest fifth-generation DM system, a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5L engine and a motor. The maximum power of the engine is 74 kilowatts and the maximum power of the motor is 160kW. The low version is equipped with 10.08kWh battery with 120kW motor, the pure electric mileage of CLTC is 80km; the high version is equipped with 15.874kWh battery, the maximum motor power is 160kW, and the pure electric mileage of CLTC is 120km.

In addition to the BYD Qin L DM-i model, the Seal 06 DM-i was also listed at the press conference. The Seal 06 DM-i is a brand-new medium-sized car launched by BYD Ocean Network, which is built on the same platform as Qin L, positioning between the destroyer 05 and the Seal DM-i, and the power is equipped with the fifth generation DM system of BYD. After the new car is on the market, it will be sold by Ocean net in the future.

In terms of appearance, the Seal 06 DM-i is built with a family-style marine aesthetic design concept, with sharp headlights on both sides of the front face and built-in double "L" daytime driving lights with high recognition after lighting. The front is surrounded by an inverted trapezoidal grille with black strips and ventilation grooves on both sides, which has a great sense of movement in the visual effect.

Body side, Seal 06 DM-i side shape is simple, equipped with three-section waistline and semi-hidden door handle, rims will be available in 16-inch, 17-inch, 18-inch specifications according to different models. Rear part, Seal 06 DM-i design is more concise, using through-type taillights and the internal structure of the lamp cavity for redesign, the rear with a luminous "BYD" letter logo, surrounded by a diffuser design, the overall visual effect is good.

In terms of size, the seal 06 DM-i length, width and height are 4830/1875/1495mm, wheelbase is 2790mm, positioning medium-sized car, the overall size is the same as Qin L. As a reference, the length, width and height of the seal DM-i are 4980/1890/1495mm and wheelbase 2900mm respectively. By contrast, the data of the new car is smaller than that of the seal DM-i currently on sale.

In the interior part, Seal 06 DM-i adopts embracing design, equipped with 8.8inch suspension LCD instrument and three-spoke style flat-bottomed steering wheel, suspension central control screen provides 12.8in and 15.6in specifications according to different configurations, built-in DiLink intelligent network connection system, provides intelligent voice, intelligent access and other functions.

In terms of power, the SEAL 06 DM-i is based on a new generation of mixing technology platform, equipped with a 1.5L engine and drive motor, of which the maximum power of the 1.5L engine is 74kW and the peak torque is 126kW; the drive motor provides two adjustments of peak power 120kW and 160kW, corresponding to 210Nm and 260Nm respectively, and the pure electric mileage of CLTC is 80km and 120km respectively.

At present, BYD has launched four major brands, including BYD, Teng Teng, equation Leopard and look up. Data show that BYD's sales of new energy vehicles in April 2024 were 313245, up 48.96% from the same period last year, and up 3.57% from January to April, up 23.24% from January to April. Overall, BYD has an absolute leading position in the new energy vehicle market, but the main source of sales still depends on Dynasty and Ocean. After the launch of Qin L DM-i and Seal 06 DM-i, BYD's product camp will be more perfect.

In terms of price, the price of the Seal 06 DM-i fills the gap between the Destroyer 05 (RMB7.98-128800) and the SEAL DM-i (RMB14.98-219800). The launch of Seal 06 DM-i and Qin L DM-i will also continue to squeeze the market space for joint venture fuel cars.

According to the plan, BYD has set a target of 45-5 million vehicles in 2024, 15-2 million more than the target of 3 million in 2023. However, the car market in 2024 is different from that in 2023, and competition in the new energy market will become more fierce this year. It remains to be seen whether the launch of more new cars will bring sales growth to BYD.

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