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Change the money twice! The official picture of the new BMW 3 Series has been released.

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On May 29th, the official chart of the 2025 BMW 3-Series (G20 LCI II) was officially unveiled. The new car will be upgraded for appearance, interior and power, and will still be available in the hatchback and travel version, while the power version will have gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid models. It is understood that this is the rare time that BMW has launched a modified model twice in the life cycle of the first-generation model, and the new car is scheduled to be launched worldwide in July 2024, which will be produced at the Munich factory in Germany, the Porto West factory in San Luis, Mexico, and the Tiexi factory in Shenyang.

Although it is a second modified model, the new BMW 3 Series is not much different from the current model in appearance, and the double kidney grille and headlight group on the front face still retain the mid-term modified style. this new model is mainly to bring new body color matching and wheel selection, and the body color will add Arctic Race Blue metallic (Arctic Race Blue) and Fire Red metallic (fiery red) colors.

Prior to this, the new BMW 3-Series has been declared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, mainly for the details of the appearance, especially the grille, in which the fuel version still provides both horizontal and vertical stripes, and white stripes are added around the vertical grill. or for luminous grille, while the pure electric version of BMW i3 uses the same grille design as BMW i4.

The interior design is a feature of the new BMW 3-Series. It can be seen that it is replaced with a new style of three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel, air conditioning outlet is adjusted and atmosphere lights are added, including the handle, one-button start button and iDrive knob are all replaced with crystal material, the overall texture has been significantly improved. It is worth mentioning that the new car equipped with iDrive 8.5 will also be equipped with QuickSelect function, a new AR live navigation function, and more intelligent voice controllable features to further enhance the car-using experience.

In terms of power, the new BMW 3-Series is consistent with the current model and will provide a variety of power combinations such as gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid, in which the gasoline version still uses 2.0T and 3.0T engines, and the 2.0T engine provides high and low power versions. the maximum power is 156 horsepower / 245 horsepower, the maximum power of 3.0T in-line six-cylinder engine is 374 horsepower, and the transmission system still matches the 8-speed manual transmission. And provide rear-drive and four-wheel-drive version.

The BMW 3 Series is a medium-sized car launched by the German BMW Group, focusing on fashion, comfort, sports and control. From the launch of the first generation E21 in 1975 to the launch of the seventh generation of G20 in 2019, the BMW 3-Series has gone through seven generations of vehicle evolution in the market and has withstood nearly 48 years of market test. BMW 3-Series still has excellent sales in the current market and is an evergreen tree in the car industry, while brilliance BMW has made a lot of money by clinging to the cash cow of BMW 3-Series since it was born in 1998.

The seventh generation BMW 3-Series (axle code G20, long shaft code G28) was first launched at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. BMW China launched a mid-term revamped model in August 2022. At the 2022 Chengdu International Auto Show, BMW 3-Series 7 mid-term modified models were officially released on the market. A total of 9 models were launched in 2023 BMW 3-Series models, including 4 standard wheelbase versions with a price of 29.99-381900 yuan and 5 long-wheelbase versions with a price of 32.19-399900 yuan. As a modified model, the 2023 BMW 3-Series uses M sports suit, the appearance is more sports, and the interior is also upgraded, the whole series is replaced with a 12.3inch + 14.9inch integrated floating curved double screen, which significantly improves the scientific and technological sense of the interior.

From the current domestic market, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4L are competitors of BMW 3-Series. The figures show that the cumulative sales of the 1-4 BMW 3-Series in 2024 were 49869, lower than the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which was 52811 and Audi A4L was 35582. According to foreign media reports, the second revamped BMW 3-series, or in order to link up with the new generation models launched in 2026, it is rumored that the cash 3-series will not stop production until October 2026.

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