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Low fuel consumption is questioned! BYD responded

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On May 28th, BYD unveiled the fifth generation DM technology at a technical conference held in Xi'an. The core highlights include power loss and fuel consumption 2.9L/100km, integrated battery life 2100km, and engine thermal efficiency of 46.06%. According to BYD, if the range reaches 2100 kilometers, according to the calculation of driving 40 kilometers per day, you can add a tank of fuel in about two months. Some analysts said that BYD is a pioneer in plug-in hybrid technology, in the context of the fifth-generation DM technology energy consumption advantage upgrading, the new model is expected to support its strong sales again.

On the day of the press conference, BYD launched two new cars, Qin L and Seal 06, with prices starting from 99800 yuan, which shocked the entire car circle. At present, BYD's fifth generation DM hybrid technology has been carried on Qin L and Seal 06 models. Although the pure electric range of the two models is only 80km and 120km, under the blessing of the fifth generation DM super hybrid technology, the comprehensive range can reach 2100km, and the fuel consumption of 100 km feed is only 2.9L. At the same time, the press conference site also released the data measured by the media. Among them, the average feed fuel consumption of Qin L is only 2.26L, and that of Seal 06 is 2.11L. The comprehensive range of the two vehicles also exceeds that of 2300km, and the longest measured range exceeds 2500km.

Soon, however, BYD's technology was "questioned". It was accused that the technology was not far ahead. For example, the fuel consumption at power loss was calculated under NEDC conditions that are no longer used by most manufacturers, while the fuel consumption at WLTC at Qin L was 3.8L/100km, and many potential consumers were misled.

In response to this, Yang Dongsheng, senior deputy chief tailor of BYD Group, said, "We continue to use NEDC because we believe that NEDC's evaluation of fuel consumption is relatively more scientific and closer to the actual use of ordinary people." Yang Dongsheng said that the average speed of the NEDC is in 33km/h, and when the national condition is upgraded to WLTC, the average speed is 47km/h, but BYD found that the average speed in major first-tier cities is in 25km/h, even 23km/h, second-tier cities are also above 30km/h, and the normal driving speed in China is below 30km.

Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holdings Group, said on Weibo, "I still feel a little better. I guess the older generation of scientists would feel the same way if they were alive." After that, Yang Xueliang also forwarded a media report entitled "BYD playing cards, Geely urgent?" "there is nothing to upgrade, but the market has to accommodate different voices, and it is not good to sing praises on one side," he said. "

At the same time, BYD has also been counterattacked by its domestic counterparts. On the morning after BYD released the technology, Xu Dongwei, general manager of Geely Group Brand Center, announced on Weibo that Geely Raytheon engine had been authoritative certified by BAIC in 2023, with the highest thermal efficiency reaching 46.1%. A certificate issued by AVIC in July last year is attached. "the highest facts in the world have the final say," Mr Xu said. In other words, BYD engine thermal efficiency first, can not be empty.

In the afternoon, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD Brand and Public Relations, responded on Weibo, "Mass production, mass production! release is mass production, listing is delivery!" In other words, BYD emphasizes mass production and will not talk about technology that does not have mass production. Subsequently, Li Yunfei posted another Weibo post, announcing a product certification certificate from the China Automobile Center, showing that the highest effective thermal efficiency of the BYD engine reached 46.5%. Li Yunfei said, "We still have a lot of non-mass-produced ones with higher thermal efficiency. We just don't want to talk about it!"

Some time ago, there was news in the market that "Toyota will adopt BYD super hybrid technology." although there is no final conclusion, from another point of view, even the ancestors of global hybrid are also interested in YD's super hybrid. It shows that BYD does have a certain degree of market competitiveness in the hybrid market. Data show that from January to April 2024, BYD sold 939500 vehicles, an increase of 23.24 percent over the same period last year, of which 501900 were plug-in hybrids, an increase of 29.22 percent over the same period last year.

In fact, from BYD's fifth-generation DM technology launch, it is not to attack any car company, but from the perspective of technical complexity to look at these hybrid configurations, they may have a "disdain chain". It is undeniable that the automobile market is varied, the needs of consumers are different, and the main directions of automobile product design are different. Based on this premise, a variety of hybrid systems also have the necessity of existence, and there is the possibility of competition with each other, including Geely Raytheon mixing. For Chinese car companies, it is the most important thing to participate in international competition and compete for the international market together.

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