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Hot! Ask about the 289800 sales of M7 Ultra

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On May 31, M7 Ultra officially launched four models with a price range of 28.98-329800 yuan. It is understood that the M7 Ultra is mainly aimed at upgrading the appearance and interior. The biggest highlight is the upgrade of the 192-line lidar, which will have a stronger intelligent driving capability.

From the outside, the front face of the M7 Ultra is mainly changed into a closed grille design, and the intake grille at the lower part of the front is cancelled, which looks more concise and more in line with the identity of the new energy vehicle, but the shape of the headlight group is consistent with that of the cash M7, equipped with a penetrating LED light belt and an AITO LOGO that can be lit. In addition, the M7 Ultra will be equipped with a 192-line lidar with the same model as the M9, which has a more distant detection capability, and the Huawei ADS 2.0 system will make the vehicle's intelligent driving more powerful. It is understood that a new painting called "Star Blue" has been added to the M7 Ultra, but the color matching needs to be paid for, and two new rims are available to choose from.

On the side of the body, the M7 Ultra is equipped with a newly designed two-color 7-spoke rim and a new chrome strip design on the window frame and front fender, which improves the visual hierarchy compared with the current model. In the rear part, the new car continues the cash model design, the taillight group still adopts the through design, the exhaust system adopts the hidden bilateral two-way layout, the fast and slow charging port is located on the left side of the vehicle, and the refueling port is located on the right side of the vehicle.

In terms of interior decoration, there is little change between the M7 Ultra and the cash M7, still equipped with a 10.25inch curved full LCD dashboard and a 15.6inch 2K HDR central control screen, the car is equipped with HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit system, while equipped with HUD head display function, the lower side of the central control screen continues to be equipped with two 50W mobile phone wireless charging panels, and uses electronic shift mechanism and crystal shift handle. In addition, the new car will upgrade the new star scatterer + space audio system, equipped with HUAWEI SOUND sound system.

As the focus of this upgrade, the M7 Ultra is equipped with the "HUAWEI ADS 2.0" system, and the lidar equipped on the roof has been upgraded from the previous 126 lines to the 192 lines of the same model on the M9. The sensor also includes 3 millimeter wave radars, 11 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, enabling the vehicle to achieve high-order driving assistance functions that do not rely on high-precision maps. Bring more powerful intelligent driving ability.

In terms of power, the M7 Ultra continues to use the extended range power system of the current model, which is equipped with a 1.5T range extender with a maximum power of 112kW; the electric drive system provides a single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive power layout, with a maximum power of 200kW and 330kW respectively; according to the power and configuration version, the car has a pure CLTC range of 210-240km and a comprehensive range of 1250-1300km. In addition, the new car upgrades the CDC continuous variable damping shock absorber in the chassis, which can be linked with ADS preview to bring better comfort and handling experience under different road conditions.

According to Hongmeng Zhixing's website, the M7 is divided into two models: the new M7 and the new M7 Ultra, both offering five-seat and six-seat options. Compared with the older models, the new M7 Ultra is mainly aimed at upgrading the appearance and interior. The biggest highlight is the upgrade of the 192-line lidar, which will have a stronger smart driving capability, but at the same price as the new M7. To put it simply, there is no price increase for the new M7 Ultra. It is understood that the new M7 Ultra listed in an hour is set to exceed 6000 units.

As a medium and large SUV with added program power, the main competitors of the M7 Ultra are the ideal L6 and the Xingtuxing era ET extended range version, in which the price positioning of the ideal L6 is the closest to the M7 Ultra. As a model owned by Hongmeng Zhihang, the biggest advantage of the M7 over its two competitors is that it is equipped with the smart driving system provided by Huawei. In addition, the M7 Ultra has a layout of 5 seats and 6 seats, which can better meet the diversified needs of family users. Combined with sales data, the M7 sold 9266 vehicles in April, second only to the ideal L7 model (10666).

Over the past year, the sales of Hongmeng Zhihang's MJ series have been rising, putting pressure on a lot of new car-building forces, especially the ideal car. The launch of the M7 Ultra can be said to be a pursuit, comfort and intelligence have been improved, and further enhance market competitiveness, which will be another challenge for the ideal car that has just stabilized the market. It is understood that in May, ideal cars delivered 35020 new cars, an increase of 23.8% over the same period last year, of which 15000 were delivered by L6. As for the impact of the listing of M7 Ultra on ideal L6, it remains to be seen.

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