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Will single pedal mode be banned? Tesla customer service response

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Recently, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice to solicit opinions on five mandatory national standards, such as "Technical requirements and Test methods for passenger car Brake system".

It is mentioned that in recent years, with the gradual wide application of type An electric regenerative braking system technology, drivers may form corresponding driving habits because drivers realize braking and parking by controlling acceleration pedals for a long time. Misuse such as misuse occurs under emergency braking conditions.

Therefore, the additional requirements for vehicles equipped with electric regenerative braking system are increased, for type An and vehicles with both type An and B electric regenerative braking systems, the braking effect achieved by loosening the acceleration pedal under the forward gear can not slow the vehicle down to a stop. Officials said the requirement was put forward on the basis of full industry research and discussion to guide drivers to develop good driving habits and ensure driving safety. Taking into account the current situation of technology and products in the industry, this clause gives a separate transition period.

Of course, as soon as the additional requirements for the amendment of the clause are issued, it has naturally aroused heated discussion among many netizens. Many people in the industry have even pointed out that if this requirement is formally implemented, Tesla's single pedal mode will be greatly affected, and the single pedal mode may be banned in the future.

In response to this news, the media called Tesla customer service, customer service staff responded: Tesla's vehicle does not have a single pedal mode, its function is called energy recovery. At present, we do not know that we have not received any information on the functional use of existing vehicles. If the country does have corresponding requirements, then Tesla will issue an explanatory notice in the software version release or related instructions, but there is really no relevant news at present.

In fact, Tesla's single pedal model has always been controversial. Tesla's frequent accidents are also pointed out by many professionals or related to his single pedal model. Because Tesla's single pedal is different from the traditional car. The throttle of a traditional car has only one function, stepping on the throttle is to start and accelerate, and the car will maintain inertia for some distance if it is loose. And Tesla's single pedal mode is to step on is to accelerate, once the loose force will significantly slow down. Under normal driving conditions, the single pedal mode can accomplish most of the acceleration and deceleration operations.

However, in case of emergency, many drivers often get nervous, which leads to the wrong operation of the driver's thinking logic. After all, many drivers are very familiar with the driving mode of traditional fuel vehicles, but they are not familiar with the single pedal mode that has just come into contact with Tesla, so it is very easy to make operational errors and lead to accidents.

Many netizens expressed support for the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to ban the complete braking of a car's single pedal. Some netizens pointed out: single pedal silent, changed the normal driving habits, once used to release the switch car can slow down or even brake, usually will rarely step on the brakes. When faced with a sudden, the high probability is a random step, the probability of stepping on the brakes is very low, tragedies are often caused like this!

However, some netizens approved Tesla's single pedal model, commenting that: in terms of technology, single pedal is a very good technology for streetcars, of course, it has more or less changed the driving habits of some people, causing some users to not adapt, but for most drivers, after being familiar with the recovery of kinetic energy, driving will become more handy.

It is worth mentioning that, for the frequent accidents of Tesla, Tesla once said, "at present, there has never been any brake failure, nor have we received any cases of collision or injury caused by the situation." Tao Lin, vice president of foreign affairs of Tesla, also said publicly that all the 246 cases of Tesla's out-of-control acceleration were caused by drivers stepping on the wrong pedals. At the same time, it is also pointed out that "in the use of vehicles, we also need to strengthen consumer education, and we need to cooperate with driving schools and transportation departments to let everyone understand the use of new cars and avoid misoperation in the use of vehicles." or some other problems caused by lack of functional understanding. "

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