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45-550000! Enjoy the world S9 official pre-sale

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Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, chairman of Terminal BG and chairman of smart car solution BU, announced on May 31 that the Hangjie S9 will immediately open the reservation, with an estimated price of 45-550000 yuan, and plans to go public in early August. Synthesize the previous reports. Hengjie is a joint brand launched by Huawei and BAIC, while the S9 is the brand's first model, positioning medium and large sedans, offering single-motor and dual-motor models in power, while competitors target Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class products. Yu Chengdong said that the price of the S9 is 45-550000 yuan, which is only 1/10 of that of Maybach, but it is more luxurious than Maybach.

Looking back on the appearance, the Hangjie S9 uses a simple and atmospheric design language, the front face adopts a closed grille design, a wedge-shaped headlamp group is used on both sides, and the middle is connected by a penetrating lamp belt, which has a high overall recognition. In addition, the front enclosure uses a wide trapezoidal vent to enhance the movement atmosphere of the front face. At the same time, the roof of the Hengjie S9 is equipped with lidar and cameras are designed on both sides of the front fenders, and the new car will be equipped with HUAWEI ADS 3.0 intelligent driving system for the first time, which will support advanced driving assistance functions such as urban navigation assistance, high-speed navigation assistance and memory parking.

On the side of the body, the new car has smooth roof lines, the overall visual effect is elegant and atmospheric, and the straight shoulder line on the side and the line rising slightly to the rear above the threshold beam are matched with hidden door handles, electronic rearview mirrors and multi-amplitude low wind resistance wheels to make the side of the new car look stable and dynamic. In terms of size, the Hengjie S9 is 5160/1987/1486mm in length, width and height, 3050mm in wheelbase, medium and large cars in positioning, and D-class luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series, but mainly competes with domestic electric cars, including Zhiji L7, Xilai ET7, Avita 12 and so on.

In the rear part, the Hengjie S9 taillight group adopts a penetrating design, the two sides of the lit taillights are circular design, the top of the lamp group is the English logo of the new brand "STELATO", the left side is "BAIC New Energy", and the right side is "Huanjie S9", indicating the identity of brand, manufacturer and vehicle model respectively.

As for the interior, it has not been officially disclosed, but according to a picture of the interior released at the press conference, the S9 will have a four-seat layout and seat buttons integrated on the door panel, which looks like it will provide a lot of loudspeakers. It is also speculated that it will have a car refrigerator and a car projection.

In terms of power, the new car will provide single-motor and dual-motor versions, among which, the maximum power of single-motor model is 227 kilowatts, providing ternary lithium-ion + manganese iron phosphate lithium battery and ternary lithium-ion battery; the maximum power of front motor of dual-motor model is 158 kilowatts, and the maximum power of rear motor is 227 kilowatts, using ternary lithium-ion batteries. In terms of battery life, the Hengjie S9 pre-declared model provides a battery pack with a capacity of 79.9kWh and 97.6kWh, while the CLTC pure electric battery has a range of 665km, 672km and 816km.

After the hot sales in the world, Huawei Smart car partners continued to expand and successively announced the launch of new brands in cooperation with Chery Automobile, BAIC New Energy and Jianghuai Automobile. Among them, the brand launched in cooperation with Chery Automobile is the intellectual world, and the brand launched in cooperation with BAIC New Energy is the enjoy world, while the brand that cooperates with Jianghuai Automobile has not yet been named, market speculation or named "arrogant world". It is understood that the above four brands belong to Hongmeng Zhixing, and the brand trademark Guihua is owned by Hongmeng Zhixing. Since April, the sales volume of Hongmeng Zhixing will no longer be announced separately, and Hongmeng Zhixing will announce it in a unified way.

2024 is crucial for Huawei's smart car selection, and the "four worlds" models will be unveiled for the first time. Yu Chengdong said that the brand positioning of the cooperation with Jianghuai Automobile is ultra-high-end, which will surpass the grades of Maybach and Rolls-Royce Phantom to be more luxurious, higher-end and more comfortable, with high-end cars in the enjoyment world and a wide range of mid-and high-end cars in the intellectual world, that is, cars that can be bought by a wide range of people. The focus of the question is on SUV.

Data show that from January to May in 2024, Hongmeng Zhihang sold 147700 vehicles, of which the Mengjie brand exceeded 130000. It is understood that the new M7 Ultra officially launched, a total of 4 models, the price range of 28.98-329800 yuan. It is understood that the M7 Ultra is mainly aimed at upgrading the appearance and interior. The biggest highlight is the upgrade of the 192-line lidar, which will have a stronger intelligent driving capability.

It is worth mentioning that whether other "Jie" brands can sell as well as QQ is also full of uncertainties. It is not easy to gain market recognition, no matter whether it is the brand built by JAC or JAC Motors. For Huawei, while constantly creating popular styles and raising the height of the Hongmeng Zhihang brand, it is essential for cash models to continue to iteratively upgrade and update product strength. In addition, Huawei smart car partners to follow up the completion of delivery, after-sales, service and other processes is also critical.

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