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Change the name of multiple departments! Chuanwei came to adjust the organization.

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According to the Financial Associated Press, on June 3, Xilai issued an internal email saying that it had announced relevant organizational adjustments according to the needs of business and organizational development.

According to the report, various departments of the innovative business cluster have changed from "Strategic New Business I" to "Ledao Business Department" (OV); "Strategic New Business II" to "Chip Research and Development" (CD); "Strategic New Business III" to "Firefly Business Division" (FY); and "Strategic New Business IV" to "Mobile Business" (NP). In addition to the above name adjustment, the heads of departments of the innovation business cluster and the reporting relationship remain unchanged. In addition, the Ledao brand of Weilaizi has also been adjusted to set up 16 regional companies within the Ledao business department, which are positioned as secondary departments, which are responsible for the regional Ledao brand promotion, channel layout, daily store management and sales results achievement. the general manager of the regional company all reported to Xia Qinghua. Currently, according to Xia Qinghua's personal certification Weibo account, he is currently an assistant vice president and head of Ledao auto sales and service.

Judging from the news of this report, Weilai's organizational adjustment may be related to the launch of the new Ledao brand. In the past, Ledao Motors focused on the high-end market, while Ledao Motors focused on the household market of 200000-300000 yuan. The sinking price of new brand models also represents the need to restructure the channels and services of subsequent Lulai automobile products. Earlier, it was reported that "Weilai is fully self-owned, but Ledao will introduce dealers and set up separate stores."

As of press time, the official of Xilai Automobile has not responded to the above news.

It is understood that Ledao Automobile is a Quanxinzi brand of Ledao Motors, whose name means "happy family and good housekeeping". The English name is "ONVO". It was officially released on May 15. The Ledao L60, the first model, announced the pre-sale price at the press conference. The pre-sale price of the car is 219900 yuan, which is 30, 000 yuan cheaper than Tesla Model Y. The car is built on a 900V high-voltage silicon carbide platform, and the power station provides three kinds of battery packs, including the standard battery life 555km, the battery life 730km, and the super battery life beyond the 1000km. According to the plan, the new car will be launched in September and will be matched with Tesla Model Y after its launch.

As a Quanxinzi brand of Ledao, the launch of Ledao means that Ledao begins to develop downwards, and Ledao will also undertake the important task of boosting the sales volume and market share of Weilai automobiles. It should be noted that the Ledao L60 is facing the household market of 200000-300000 yuan. At present, the competition in this market segment is heating up, and it is also the most serious market for new energy vehicles. Admittedly, it is not easy for Ledao to gain a foothold in the highly competitive home market.

Up to now, the models on sale under Lulai include ES8, ES6, ES7, EC6, EC7, ET7, ET5, ET5T and other models, covering medium and large SUV, medium-sized SUV, medium-and large-sized cars, medium-sized cars, with prices of more than 300000 yuan, pointing directly to the traditional first-tier luxury brand markets such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but the current market performance of Lulai has obviously lagged behind the ideal car.

Data show that from January to May this year, the cumulative sales of Lulai cars was 66217, an increase of 50.99% over the same period last year, of which May sales were unexpected at 20544, up 233.8% from a year earlier, an all-time high. However, with the gradual decline of Lulai automobile rights and interests in the first half of the year, whether the subsequent high-speed growth can be achieved depends on how Ledao brand makes efforts. For comparison, the cumulative sales of ideal cars in the first five months were 141207, an increase of 32.54% over the same period last year, of which 35020 were in May, an increase of 23.85% over the same period last year.

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