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AutoBeta( Report--

, ideal Automobile released the latest weekly new energy vehicle brand sales list in the 22nd week of 2024 (May 27th to June 2nd).

Judging from the new energy brand sales list in China, BYD still ranks first in weekly sales, topping the list with 53400 vehicles, and is the only brand on the list that has sold more than 50, 000 vehicles, followed by Tesla and Wuling. Weekly sales were 15200 and 8800 respectively, and Ian also made it into the top five with 7500.

As strong competitors, ideal and Boundary week sales are 8400 and 7000 respectively, a difference of 1400. Since the launch of the ideal L6, ideal car sales have gradually begun to pick up. If you extend the time to May, the ideal car sales in May will be 35020, up 23.85% from the same period last year, leading the new power of car building; while AITO did not release sales figures, but released delivery data as the "Hongmeng Zhihang" brand, which delivered 30578 new cars across the department in May.

In terms of other brands, Lulai, Changan, Zero and Polar Krypton respectively entered the top 10, with weekly sales of ‍ 6700, 4800, 4300 and 4200, respectively.

In terms of the new power brand sales list, ideal car is still the top seller of new power brands in the Chinese market, with weekly sales of 8400, higher than the 7000. This is the fifth consecutive week of leading sales of the ideal car since the release of the weekly list of ideal cars, and this is related to the listing of the ideal L6, which is the fifth model and the fourth add-on hybrid model of the ideal car, and it is also the first model of the ideal car that is less than 300000 yuan. at present, the prices of Pro and Max models are 249800 yuan and 279800 yuan. "the ideal L6 has delivered more than 15000 vehicles since it began delivery on April 24, setting the record for the fastest delivery of a new model of the ideal car," officials said. "

With the ideal L6's capacity climbing, ideal had said it would exceed 20, 000 vehicles this month. It is worth mentioning that ideal MAGA sales have not yet improved significantly. However, ideal Automobile Chairman and CEO Li wants to point out: "driven by the new product price system, the sales potential of the 2024 ideal L7, ideal L8 and ideal L9 can increase steadily. The market share of ideal cars in the new energy vehicle market of more than 200000 yuan has grown healthily compared with the same period last year, and the cumulative market share from January to April has reached 13.5%, ranking first among Chinese auto brands."

As for the question, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, chairman of Terminal BG and chairman of smart car solution BU, said that May was a period of product adjustment, and sales were expected to return to rapid growth this month due to a short-term decline in sales.

In the "Wei Xiaoli" camp, the three are also gradually widening the gap. In addition to ideal cars, Xilai entered the third place on the list, with weekly sales of 6700 vehicles. On May 15, Weilai launched its new brand, Ledao Automobile, which faces a household market of 200000-300000 yuan. After its launch, the new car will undertake the important task of boosting the sales and market share of Weilai cars, and whether it can achieve rapid growth or not depends on how the Ledao brand makes efforts.

Compared with the ideal car and the Xilai car, Xiaopeng car is very lonely. In the new week, Xiaopeng sold 2500 cars, ranking seventh on the list. It is understood that the follow-up Xiaopeng car will also launch the MONA brand, the first car may be named "want to 03".

For other brands, zero-running cars and polar krypton cars made it into the top five, with weekly sales of 4300 and 4200, respectively. Deep Blue, Teng Teng, Xiaomi and Polar Fox all made the top 10, with weekly sales of 2700, 2500, 2200 and 1400, respectively.

Compared with the previous week (May 20 to May 26), Xiaomi car sales and ranking have declined. For comparison, Xiaomi ranked sixth on the list with weekly sales of 2700 cars last week. At present, the "capacity problem" is still the most urgent problem for Xiaomi. On June 2nd, Xiaomi posted on Weibo that Xiaomi SU7 is about to enter a new round of delivery acceleration, which will ensure delivery of more than 10, 000 vehicles in June. From June, the Xiaomi automobile factory officially opened double-shift production to increase production capacity; at the same time, in order to speed up the matching efficiency of orders and production, the company will shorten the hesitation period for locking orders from 7 days to 3 days from 0: 00 on June 5.

In terms of luxury brand sales, BMW continued to top the list with weekly sales of 17900, up 4100 from 13800 the previous week. The luxury brands ahead of the ideal car are Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Audi, with sales of 16900, 15200 and 13000 respectively. The luxury brands after the ideal car are Zhangjie, Ulay, Volvo, Lexus and Polar Krypton, with weekly sales of 7000, 6700, 4700, 4400 and 4200, respectively.

The demand of China's new energy vehicle market will continue to grow this year, but the competition will also be more brutal. Some car companies will have the opportunity to grow, and for those car companies that lack their own hematopoietic ability and their products do not have enough bright spots, the days that follow will be even harder.

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