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BMW waist chopping price reduction!

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, # BMW waist chopping price reduction # topic rushed to the top of Weibo hot search list.

According to reports, the market rumors that BMW i3 has a substantial discount, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other 4S stores have reduced prices, naked cars after the discount less than 180000 yuan, more than 190000 landed, the discount is quite strong. In addition, the BMW i5 discount is also about 140000, and the price after the standard version discount is less than 300000 yuan.

According to Auto House, the quotation of a 4S store in Beijing shows that the entry price of the eDrive 35L model with an entry price of 353900 yuan is only 196000 yuan, but it costs about 20, 000 yuan without staging, while the price of a 40 L Sunday night suit is more than 230000. Another Beijing 4S store shows that the price of the eDrive 35L model is 177000 yuan, with a down payment of 60 installments. The quotation of a 4S store in Shanghai shows that the naked car of eDrive 35L is 188000 yuan, the insurance is 11000 yuan, and the landing is less than 200000 yuan, but it will cost 25000 yuan if it is not done by stages. The quotation of a 4S store in Guangzhou shows that the price of eDrive 35L naked car is more than 180000, which needs to be divided into 60 phases, while the price of 40L Sunday night suit is 220000.

The BMW i3, a medium-sized pure electric car owned by BMW brilliance, was launched in March 2023. It can be regarded as the all-electric version of the BMW 3 Series, produced in the BMW factory of brilliance and sold only in the Chinese market. It is powered by a drive motor with a maximum output power of 210kw and a peak torque of 400N ·m, matched with 70kwh's high-nickel ternary lithium battery pack with a range of 526km under the CLTC standard.

At present, the car has a total of three models: eDrive 35L, modified eDrive 40L Sunday Night suit and modified eDrive 40L Sunday Night Sports set, with an official guidance price of 35.39-413900 yuan. BMW i3 is launched to compete with Tesla Model 3, Xiaopeng P7, Xilai ET5 and other pure electric medium-sized cars, but as a special car in China, the development prospect of the car in the Chinese market is not good. Retail data show that BMW i3 sold a cumulative total of 16173 vehicles from January to April, with an average monthly sales of less than 5000.

BMW iX3, a new energy car that went on sale earlier than the BMW i3, sold only 12922 vehicles in the first four months, while the BMW iX1 and BMW i5 sold 1236 and 481vehicles, respectively, with particularly dismal figures. Of course, this is also the result of the development of BMW Group itself. As a century-old car brand, BMW has excellent fuel vehicles, but it can not be compared with Chinese new energy brands in the field of new energy vehicles. Even if BMW has a strong brand effect, the current consumer demand for cars has changed.

Behind the big cut in BMW's waist-chopping price is a double decline in BMW's revenue and profit in the first quarter and poor sales performance in China. According to the financial report, BMW Group's revenue in the first quarter of this year was 36.614 billion euros, down 0.6% from the same period last year, while net profit was 2.951 billion euros, down 19.4% from the same period last year. Of this total, revenue from the automotive business fell 1.1 per cent year-on-year to 30.939 billion euros, while net profit before tax fell 29.4 per cent year-on-year to 270.3 billion euros.

In terms of sales, BMW sold 187700 vehicles in China in the first quarter, down 3.8% from a year earlier, making it the only major single market for BMW Group to decline in sales worldwide. BMW officials attributed the decline in sales in China to the fact that the new BMW 5-Series did not launch in China until February 2024.

In fact, not only BMW, but also first-tier luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi and second-tier luxury brands such as Porsche lack a lot of lessons in electric cars. At the end of May, due to the sharp drop in Porsche sales, the pure streetcar Taycan could not be sold. In order to alleviate the financial pressure, many dealers were forced to sell at a loss. Porsche China chose to press the warehouse to complete the sales task, resulting in great financial pressure on dealers, which intensified the contradiction. Porsche dealers in China launched a collective protest and boycott. In response to this news, Porsche China responded: "at present, the automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Porsche China and its dealers are facing a number of complex problems, opportunities and challenges."

At present, the automobile industry is in a period of price war competition, behind the price war is the urgent need to boost the automobile market pressure, inventory index continues to rise, car companies have to compete for customers at low prices to stimulate the desire of automobile consumption. However, with the strong rise of independent brands with the help of new energy tracks, the competitiveness of traditional car luxury brands in the domestic market has declined significantly, resulting in loosening of their terminal prices. At present, traditional luxury car brands are in urgent need of a bad fix in the field of electric vehicles.

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