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A new force of car building has been exposed to fake sales! Official response

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Recently, several pictures about the centralized stacking of many ideal cars with license plates have been spread on the Internet, causing a heated discussion. There are also many netizens' comments questioning the ideal car or by centralizing the license as a second-hand car for export, so as to boost sales.

In response to these pictures, the ideal Automobile Law Department responded that recently, some Internet users have uploaded photos of ideal cars centrally stored in large parking lots on social media. and spread rumors such as "ideal new cars are centrally licensed as used cars for export" and "ideal car sales data are falsified".

After verification, what is shown in the picture is the ideal car distribution center in Chengdu, where the licensed vehicles are 2023 models that have been decommissioned and 2024 ideal L-series test cars to be transferred, and there is no situation in which new cars are centrally licensed and act as second-hand cars for sale or export. Let the general public know the truth and do not believe or spread rumors. In the follow-up, relevant measures will be taken to investigate the legal responsibility of rumor mongers for those who fabricate and distort facts and spread rumors.

It is worth mentioning that there are reports of sales fraud on this side, and on the other hand, it is reported that ideal cars are recalling some of the laid-off employees. , the Interface News reported that a person familiar with the matter revealed that some laid-off employees in the test side have been notified and recalled. For employees who are recalled again after being laid off, the contract will continue. Since the compensation negotiated earlier has not yet been paid, the subsequent compensation will not be provided to the recalled personnel.

As to why ideal Automobile will recall employees who have been laid off in individual departments again, a number of ideal car insiders have revealed to the media that the big reason is that under the background of the slowdown of the pace of its own pure electric products after the failure of MEGA listing, there have been rumors about the change, but there is no specific plan yet. In the context of these reasons, ideal cars in R & D and testing and other departments related to the direction of product evolution has naturally become the main department. In addition, some employees of the intelligent driving department of the ideal car were laid off earlier and revealed to the media that the layoff of the ideal car had a great impact on the internal R & D and testing department, the development almost came to a standstill, and the testing needed the assistance of an external team. As of press time, ideal Motor has yet to respond to the news.

In fact, recently there has been frequent news about the layoffs of ideal cars. In early May, there were media reports that ideal car launched a new round of staff optimization program after the May Day holiday, and the proportion of optimized people was more than 18%. Based on the official number of 31600 employees announced last year, it is not difficult to calculate that the number of layoffs of the ideal car will exceed 5600. Reported that the layoffs are mainly concentrated in the recruitment department, sales and service operations department and intelligent driving department and other departments.

In early April, the news of layoffs was also reported. Netizens claiming to be ideal automobile employees posted on the network the status of ideal cars, pointing out that all new offer of ideal cars were suspended; there would be a small amount of stocks above 17 posts, but it may be linked to performance evaluation, and low performance could not be cashed out. The total budget is reduced by more than 30%. At present, the personnel structure is arranged according to the annual sales of 800000 vehicles, and the personnel is relatively redundant. The next step is to lay off staff. At that time, in response to this news, ideal Automobile responded to online layoffs and sharp budget cuts were false news.

Although officials have been refuting the news of layoffs, there is no denying that ideal Motors has been in a more difficult situation since the failure of MEGA's listing. First of all, in terms of sales in the first quarter of this year, sales are often surpassed by the brands, with a cumulative sales of 80400 vehicles in the first quarter. At the same time, the listing of the ideal MEGA, which is highly expected by the ideal car, is not as expected, which also makes the secondary market of the ideal car plummet. The results in the first quarter were also unsatisfactory. Although they also made a profit, they plunged 89.7% from the previous quarter.

To this end, the ideal car has also made a series of adjustments. For example, it issued an internal letter to reflect and lowered its delivery guidelines, lowering its sales forecast to 560000 to 640000 from the previous 800000, down 160000 to 240000 from 800000. In April, the internal matrix organizational upgrade was carried out, involving the organizational structure adjustment of a number of departments, hoping to increase sales. In terms of new products, speed up the launch. April 18, launched the ideal L6 model, the new car positioning medium-sized SUV, the price range of 249800 yuan-279800 yuan. In addition, there was news on the market two days ago that the ideal car would merge its retail delivery department in order to boost sales.

With regard to the recall of laid-off employees, some industry insiders pointed out that the high probability has something to do with the follow-up of ideal cars to accelerate product iterations and technology upgrades. Because it is more appropriate for internal R & D and testing to be handled by insiders. Relying solely on external resources to support technology upgrades has little effect.

Recently, the trouble encountered by the ideal car is not just the news of fake sales and layoffs. Recently, ideal Motors has also been subject to class action lawsuits from investors. Investors accused ideal Motor and some senior executives of misrepresentation and investors suffered damage in violation of securities laws. Investors applied to the court to order the defendant to compensate investors for losses caused by the fall in share prices as a result of their illegal activities. In response to the class action brought by investors, ideal Motors responded by confirming that there was a relevant lawsuit, while pointing out that the allegation was groundless and would spare no effort to protect the interests of the company and shareholders.

In addition to the above troubles, for the ideal car, this year's annual goal is also very difficult. Based on the annual target of 560000, the cumulative sales of ideal cars from January to May would be 141200, only 18.96 per cent of the target. Meeting the annual target in the next few months means more than 400000 of sales in seven months, which is not easy to achieve. After all, judging from the existing models of ideal cars, there are not many models that can support sales.

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