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The driver of the ideal L9 accident questioned LCC! Official response

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Recently, an ideal L9 owner revealed to the media that he was driving an ideal L9 on the Hangzhou Airport Expressway at the end of May because of good road conditions and turning on LCC (lane center assist), but did not expect an accident. The owner said that at that time, the vehicle suddenly turned to the right, which led to the accident. With regard to the accident, the owner said that his hands were not on the steering wheel and his feet were not on the throttle, but the vehicle turned to the right, suspected to be caused by a mistake in vehicle recognition. It is understood that the accident caused thigh fractures, knee fractures, broken tendons on both sides of the knee and other problems, requiring two operations.

As can be seen from the traffic recorder exposed by the owner, the accident vehicle crossed several solid lines and changed two lanes, crashing into a normally running vehicle, and finally the vehicle came to a stop after hitting the iron horse on the ramp. According to the pictures exposed by the follow-up media, we can see that the ideal L9 was seriously damaged, the front position of the car was hit and deformed, and the airbag burst many times in the car.

With regard to this accident, the topic of # ideal L9 accident drivers questioning LCC# has also been posted on Weibo's hot search site, sparking a large number of netizens' discussion.

In this regard, some netizens commented: obviously they stepped on the acceleration pedal random direction, the Lcc light has been turned off. Some netizens also pointed out that too much faith in or reliance on driving assistance will eventually lead to a big mistake! If these LCC and ACC are very safe, they will not add the word "auxiliary" and will drive on autopilot directly. Whether it is the current L2 auxiliary driving or the future L3 auxiliary driving, the steering wheel, brakes and throttle must be firmly in your hands!

In response to this matter, the person in charge of the rational Automobile Hangzhou Service Center said that combined with the analysis of the vehicle's driving recorder, the user turned the steering wheel at that time and led to the withdrawal of the LCC function. After the launch, the driver continued to step on the acceleration pedal, and the speed was also constantly increasing, and then the collision occurred, and the vehicle was not a problem. However, the owner's father did not approve of the response of the ideal car service center, saying that "it was one second after the lane change and two yards were raised in this second. I don't understand how the speed was raised without stepping on the gas pedal." please give evidence that this direction is man-made.

Yesterday, in response to the matter, ideal car intelligent driving related person "Zelun monitor" also retweeted the relevant blog post and commented that: after the accident, the driver contacted the car owner and gave a corresponding explanation. In the accident, the driver manually took over the LCC through the steering wheel, and then the vehicle deviated from the lane (video 12 seconds). After the manual takeover, the vehicle will be carried out with the driver's manual control as the highest priority. It is a pity that there has been a traffic accident and is helping the car owner to coordinate the maintenance.

The data show that Lane centering assist (LCC) is a driving assistance function, which is based on road structure cognition and positioning. The system identifies the demarcation line of the lane through the camera on the front windshield. After the function is activated, it can assist the driver to control the steering wheel and continuously center the vehicle in the current lane. It is worth mentioning that at present, almost all the intelligent driving technologies in the market are in the L2 stage, which is mainly controlled by human drivers, and the system mainly plays an auxiliary role. The auxiliary driving functions carried by most vehicles are limited to auxiliary driving and cannot be fully self-drived. at this stage, the vehicle can not be fully handed over to self-driving.

The car involved in the accident is the ideal L9, the second production car under the ideal car, which will be launched on June 21, 2022, and the new car will be located as a large SUV with a price of 459800 yuan. Related data show that the ideal L9 sold 8595 vehicles in March and 23693 in the first quarter.

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