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The ancestor of the SUV! 212 Brand launch

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June 6, 212 brand officially launched, its upgrade from a product to a brand, the follow-up 212 family will also build a series of products. The new 21212will be the first product of the 2122brand family. The new car will be positioned as a compact SUV, redesigned for exterior interiors, and will be available by the end of the year with a 2.0T engine + 8AT gearbox power combination.

Before introducing the new model, it is necessary to explain the subordinate relationship at the enterprise level. Beijing Automobile Manufacturing Plant (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC Manufacturing"), established in 1951, is the second large-scale automobile manufacturing enterprise built after Changchun first Automobile Factory, and 212 is the first "military to civilian" model. In 1983, BAIC reached a joint venture agreement to form the first Sino-foreign joint venture in the history of China's automobile industry-Beijing Gyibug Automobile Co., Ltd.

In 2001, BAIC Manufacturing was restructured to become a subsidiary of Beijing Automobile holding Group. In 2010, BAIC established Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd. with assets including a 51% stake in BAIC Manufacturing, which became a subsidiary of BAIC. In 2015, Fulu Group acquired a stake in BAIC, which announced that BAIC had formally decoupled from BAIC and changed from a state-owned enterprise to a private enterprise. In 2020, BAIC moved its headquarters from Beijing to Qingdao. In 2023, Weiqiao Group acquired 71% of Qingdao Fulu as the controlling shareholder, and Weiqiao Venture Group formally controlled BAIC Manufacturing. In the same year, Beijing Automobile Factory established a wholly-owned subsidiary "212 off-road vehicle Co., Ltd." (referred to as 212 off-road vehicle), which owns all the intellectual property rights of 212 brand.

After becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of BAIC, "212" has also been upgraded from a single model to a brand. In terms of appearance, the new 212 uses the classic square box design, and the front face retains a large number of classic design elements of 212, including clam engine cover, split round headlights, three-segment middle net and other classic designs. In addition, the interior of the new headlamp group is equipped with a double lens and a circular LED light belt, and the 212digital LOGO moves to the front of the engine hatch. Compared with the old model, the new 212 front and rear bumper is handled more finely, it is no longer a stamped steel plate front and rear bumper, the installation position of the front fog lamp is also adjusted to both sides of the front bumper, and there is a connecting treatment between the front bumper and the wheel eyebrow.

The side of the body adopts a very hard style, and the side line of the window is very similar to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which still pays tribute to the design of the classic retro model. The four-door frame and door are no longer a split structure with fixed screws, and the traditional door handle is used. the overall strength and tightness are expected to be further improved compared with the old models. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4705/1895/1936mm and the wheelbase is 2860mm. In the rear part, the new car cancels the separately opened spare tire bracket and the flip taildoor, using the classic split taillight design, which has a good identification, while the rear door has an external spare tire, and the overall design is similar to the current hardline SUV. The new 212 uses three round taillight groups arranged up and down, and the "212" and "Beijing Automobile Factory" signs on the left and right sides indicate identity information.

In terms of interior decoration, the official did not release the specific interior design of the new 212, but according to previous espionage photos of the interior, the overall style of the interior of the new 212 is tough, equipped with a full LCD dashboard and a suspended central control screen, and the center console retains physical keys to the maximum extent. the upper part is the air conditioning control button, the lower part is the cross-country related control button, the electronic block handle, the electronic handbrake and so on are not absent.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine produced by Harbin Dongan Automobile engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the maximum power is 185kW, the transmission system matches the 8-speed automatic transmission, and its parameter level is close to that of the new BJ40 model. The new 212 continues to use non-load-bearing body structure and front and rear integral bridge non-independent suspension structure, in which the rear suspension cancels the design of 5 leaf springs and uses a spiral spring structure.

212 as the ancestor model of Chinese off-road vehicle, combined with the enterprise and product level, "212" has obviously received enough attention, and it will turn to brand operation on the basis of a single model in the future. Only from the perspective of vehicle models, the profound historical background and the accumulation of users' feelings are 212's own advantages over other brand models.

As a compact SUV,212 competitors will be BJ40, Harvard H5 and other models, the current 10-200000 yuan non-load-bearing SUV models are not many, 212 in the cross-country configuration is good, can compete with the new BJ40, but in the interior comfort is expected to have a gap with the new BJ40. Historically, the price of the 212s is also relatively close to the people, and perhaps the price of the new models is more anticipated, becoming the "millet" in the cross-country circle, but the current hard cross-country SUV market is very hot, is there a chance for the launch of the new 212s to become a popular style?

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