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FAW-Volkswagen patrol / land official surrender! Up to 43000 yuan

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A few days ago, FAW-Volkswagen announced that it was in the territory and launched an outstanding model, and the official price of the new car was significantly lower than that of the model on sale. Among them, four models are launched with a price range of 24.29-299900 yuan, which is lower than that of cash models by 2.5-32000 yuan. Six models are launched with a price range of 26.19-361900 yuan, which is lower than that of cash models by 3.7-43000 yuan.

Patrol is a medium and large SUV of FAW-Volkswagen, which was launched in November 2022 and is built on the MQB platform. It will be powered by a 2.0T turbocharged engine, of which the low-power version (330TSI) has a maximum power 137kW with a peak torque of 320N ·m; the high-power version (380TSI) has a maximum power 162kW with a peak torque of 350N ·m. In terms of transmission system, all models match 7-speed wet double-clutch gearbox, match 7-speed double-clutch gearbox, and provide optional two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models.

It is understood that the tour provides ordinary version and R-Line style design, the main difference lies in the front of the surrounding design. The ordinary version of the front bumper has a small air inlet, a trapezoidal design on both sides, and a horizontal trim. The R-Line model adds a through air inlet shape to the front enclosure and uses a grid design, with an "R" logo on the left side of the front grille.

Lingjing is the first medium-and large-scale SUV under FAW-Volkswagen, and the world's largest SUV of the Volkswagen brand. It was launched in June 2021 and is a sister model to SAIC-Volkswagen Tuen. It is based on the Volkswagen MQB platform and provides 2.0T and 2.5T engines. The 2.0T engine provides high and low power versions with maximum power of 186hp and 220hp, and peak torque of 320Nm and 350Nm respectively. The maximum power of 2.5T engine is 220KW and the maximum torque is as high as 500N / m. In terms of transmission, it is matched by a 7-speed wet double-clutch transmission and a 4-MOTION four-wheel drive system equipped with a sixth-generation BergWarner-hand differential.

As the flagship model of FAW-Volkswagen, the overall shape of the range continues the family design style, the front face adopts the design language of Volkswagen SMV Concept model, the interior of the headlamp group uses LED light source, the daily running lights are connected with the chromium-plated strip of the intake grille, and the interior of the grille is decorated with similar wavy strips to enhance the exquisite feeling of the front face. Range is the largest model in the history of the Volkswagen brand, with a length, width and height of 5152 / 2002/1795mm and a wheelbase of 2980mm, offering six and seven seats.

As a medium and large SUV, FAW-Volkswagen's main competitors include SAIC-Volkswagen Tuen, Ford Explorer, Buick Anke Flag and so on. For reference, from January to April 2024, range sales were 7083, Tuen 17444, explorers 6000 and Anke Banner 1328.

In terms of size, patrol can be said to be the sister model of SAIC-Volkswagen Tuen, which makes up for the market gap between the range and the exploration mountain. Although it is positioned as a medium and large SUV, the main competitor is still a joint venture medium-sized SUV, including Toyota Hanlanda, Buick Enkway, Ford Ruijie, etc., to achieve dimension reduction. Data show that from January to April 2024, 7083 vehicles were sold on patrol, compared with 22329 for Toyota Hanlanda and 19612 for Onkoway.

Generally speaking, in the medium and large SUV market segment, there are not many core products for fuel vehicles, and the sales of most models are relatively general, while the performance of new energy vehicles is more eye-catching, such as ideal L7/L8, M7 and other models that are much higher than traditional fuel vehicles. If the joint venture brand wants to continue to suppress its own brand, the medium and large SUV of 300000 yuan is very critical. For FAW-Volkswagen, the purpose of the model is to seize the market as much as possible. After the price reduction, the price and space advantage grabs part of the market of medium and large SUV and competes with the mainstream medium and large SUV.

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