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Break the rules! Honda Mazda headquarters checked

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According to a number of media reports, including the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), Kyodo News, and CCTV News, on June 10, local time, in view of serious irregularities such as data fraud related to security, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport, in accordance with the "Road Transport vehicle Law," carried out internal inspections on Honda's headquarters in the Tokyo port area and Mazda's headquarters in Fuzha, Hiroshima Prefecture, and the Ministry of Japan will discuss administrative sanctions according to the results.

Honda was the fourth company to be raided, while Mazda was the fifth. Prior to this, Toyota, Yamaha engines and Suzuki have been inspected. Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport took the lead in conducting a surprise inspection of Toyota's headquarters on the 4th of this month, and inspectors will question the quality person in charge and analyze relevant documents to find out the context of the incident, Xinhua reported. The next day, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport inspected the Yamaha engine headquarters.

According to the report, officials from Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport entered the Honda headquarters at 9 am today and confirmed the relevant test data in the survey. At the same time, the company leaders and leaders will be questioned to investigate the detailed factual relationship. In addition, Honda previously produced 22 models, including the Feido, which were falsified in noise tests between 2009 and 2017, but there are no violations of the current models, so it is not required to stop shipments, the Ministry of National Communications said.

With the investigation into the headquarters of Honda and Mazda, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport has inspected all five car companies involved in the violations.

The fraud of data from Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, Mazda and Suzuki was exposed on the 3rd of this month. On the same day, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport issued a notice saying that the above five companies committed violations in vehicle performance tests. In view of the spate of violations by companies such as Daihatsu in the process of obtaining model certification for mass production of cars and engines, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport has asked 85 companies in the Japanese automobile industry to investigate whether there is a similar situation.

After the incident came to light, Toyota, Honda and Mazda held a press conference and publicly bowed and apologized. Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport also issued a statement saying that 38 models of Toyota, Mazda, Yamaha engine, Honda and Suzuki were fraudulent in the process of applying for certification for mass production. As mass production certification is related to vehicle safety, shipments of six in-production models from Toyota, Mazda and Yamaha engines have been suspended before they are confirmed to meet safety standards.

At the same time, Toyota China also responded to Toyota Motor Company's fraud in the Japanese market. Toyota China said that after confirmation, the models sold by FAW Toyota, Guangzhou Auto Toyota and Lexus in the Chinese market had nothing to do with the incident, and promised to continue to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and adhere to the principle of openness and transparency to provide Chinese consumers with reassuring and safe products and services. As of press time, Honda China and Mazda China two car companies have not yet issued a statement.

Auto Industry concern believes that Japanese car companies, especially brands like Toyota and Honda, which are one of Japan's largest automakers, have frequently exposed illegal scandals, which not only damage consumers' credibility to the brand, but also easily cause consumers to worry, and the deeper impact is that this scandal will also lead to a serious blow to the brand image of Japanese car companies.

According to the latest report, all five companies involved said there was no problem with product safety, but Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport said that during the inspection, the vehicles with violations would be tested to see if they met safety and environmental protection-related performance standards. if the standards are met, the instructions to stop shipments will be lifted, and if not, manufacturers will be instructed to consider recalls.

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