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Guan Xuan! SUV "Wisdom R7", the first sedan in intellectual circles, was announced.

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On the morning of June 11, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, chairman of Terminal BG and chairman of smart car solution BU, announced on Weibo that the Hongmeng Zhijie brand will launch its first sedan SUV, a new car named Zhijie R7, which will be built jointly by Huawei and Chery as the second model of the Zhijie brand.

Yu Chengdong said: "the'R' in the intelligent R7 name comes from Revolution, which represents breakthrough and subversion. The interior space of the new car will break through everyone's imagination and surpass the traditional luxury car brand in terms of product strength." Based on the analysis of known information, the price of the new car may be in the range of 300000-400000 yuan and is expected to go on sale in the second half of this year.

As the second mass production model of Hongmeng Zhijie series, from the official picture, the new car continues Hongmeng Zhixing family design language, and the front face is similar to that of Zhijie S7. It uses a closed grille with iconic tear eye headlamps and penetrating LED daytime driving lights. The interior of the headlamp group is composed of three lenses, equipped with Hongmeng Zhihang's latest intelligent headlamp system, and the lower part extends the air intake. Overall sense of fashion and movement. The lower encirclement retains the lower diversion groove, which is simple and severe in visual effect.

On the side of the body, the new car has smooth lines, showing a sedan SUV shape, and the roof lines transition smoothly to the rear, creating a visual feeling of slippery back. coupled with the design of short front and rear suspension and long wheelbase, it looks very dynamic. In addition, the roof of the new car is equipped with watchtower lidar, with hidden door handles, red brake calipers and multiple rims design to further enhance the sense of movement of the vehicle. In the rear part, the new car taillight is also designed with a small size spoiler, the rear bumper is fumigated, and the license plate frame is located in the middle of the rear bar.

In the interior part, the official picture has not been released this time, but Yu Chengdong said that the interior space of the new car will break through everyone's imagination. Previous online espionage photos showed that the new car used a minimalist design style, with a layout similar to that of the Wisdom S7, with a suspended LCD and central control screen double-deck design style, and a three-frame steering wheel. In terms of intelligent configuration, it is expected that the new car will be equipped with dry ADS 3.0autopilot assist system and the latest generation of Hongmeng cockpit, omni-directional collision prevention system, high-precision 4D millimeter wave radar, new Hongmeng cockpit, car cloud service 3.0, brand new AR-HUD, megapixel intelligent light module and so on.

In terms of power, the new car may continue to be equipped with Huawei motor system. As a reference, Zhijie S7 power is equipped with 800V silicon carbide high voltage platform, which provides the choice of single motor version and dual motor version. The maximum power of single motor version is 215kW, the maximum power of dual motor version is 365kW, and the maximum mileage of CLTC is 855km.

Zhijie is a brand jointly built by Chery and Huawei. Zhijie S7 is the first car owned by Zhijie and Hongmeng Zhihang, which went on sale in November 2023 with a price starting at 249800 yuan. On April 11 this year, the new Zhijie S7 launched a total of five models with a price range of 2498 yuan to 349800 yuan, with a price reduction of 20, 000 yuan compared with the old model.

As a modified model, the appearance of the new Zhijie S7 has not changed much, but it has been adjusted for price, battery life, main intelligent driving and so on. Single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive are available, with the maximum power of 215 kW (292 hp) for the rear-drive version; 365 kW (496 hp) for the all-wheel drive version, with a peak torque of 679 Nm; the official 100km acceleration time is only 3.3 seconds, and the braking distance at 100km / h is as low as 33.5 m. In addition, the new car uses Ningde era ternary lithium battery, which greatly improves the performance-to-price ratio of the basic model. In the car market, including extreme Krypton 007, Avita 12, Xilai ET5, Tesla Model 3 and Xiaomi SU7 are all potential competitors to the Zhijie S7.

As the first car owned by Hongmeng Zhihang, the Zhijie S7 failed to replicate the popularity of the world after its launch. The main reason for the low popularity of the car market is that it has been unable to fulfill its delivery promise and has been in delivery difficulties since its launch. Consumers are dissatisfied with repeated delays. Fortunately, after the delivery problem of the new Wisdom S7 market has improved, Yu Chengdong pointed out that the Wisdom S7, which is produced in Chery's most advanced Wuhu production base, can be offline for one minute.

Retail data show that from January to April 2024, Zhijie S7 sales were 604,794,3197 and 5012 respectively, totaling 9607 vehicles. Although sales of the new Zhijie S7 have improved since its launch, it is still far lower than other Hongmeng Zhihang models.

Smart R7 will become another masterpiece after the launch of the Wisdom brand. Considering the positioning and appearance of the new car, the new car may be aimed at young family users. At the same time, with the aura of Huawei, it is expected that the smart R7 will have a strong advantage in smart driving. It should be noted that for intellectual brands, as a newly established brand, it will face a lot of market competition pressure. As the second mass-produced model in Hongmeng's Zhijie series, Yu Chengdong said that the car surpassed the traditional luxury car brand in product strength. It is still unknown whether the new car can compete with the luxury sedan SUV after its launch.

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