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The owner of the ideal mega revealed that his account was locked in the official response.

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Recently, a netizen posted on the social platform that his ideal car account was locked, making it impossible to operate his own vehicle. At the same time, a screenshot was sent about the account being locked by the community administrator and unable to log in. The car owner said that the car he bought was fully purchased and that he had not made any inappropriate remarks.

With regard to the fact that the vehicle account was locked, the car owner also sent out several questions about the vehicle being locked. For example: what causes the closure, why the community administrator has the authority to block the ideal owner's mobile phone number, and why the community-related account will affect the owner's Bluetooth key to unlock the vehicle and so on. As soon as the matter was issued, it immediately triggered a lot of discussion among netizens on the Internet.

Some netizens commented: mobile smart car control is the selling point of brands in product promotion, and consumers have already spent money on this service. If the blogger has done anything, it would be nice to block the community's speaking function. in any case, he has no right to lock his account. Unlocking a mobile phone is a selling point and should have the highest control over it.

In addition, some netizens pointed out that there must be a reason for the account to be blocked, and it will not be closed for no reason. If it is blocked for no reason, it is an ideal car control problem, you will not be the only one sealed, this probability is similar to winning the lottery, sealed can use the key to achieve all the functions of driving.

In response to the follow-up of the incident, the car owner also announced the ideal official customer service response on the social platform. The official customer service said: ideal car APP will detect some abnormal behavior of community users, such as following multiple car users' accounts for a short period of time. In order to protect everyone's privacy and account security, the system will determine that there may be risky behavior and will temporarily suspend the login of app accounts. The main car control account will not be suspended. The car owner did not agree with the customer service response and continued to post some questions about the ideal car on the social platform, hoping to be answered by the authorities.

For the course of the incident, a Weibo-certified original video blogger posted on his Weibo about the whole story of the incident. Generally speaking, the owner's main account is authorized to give the owner's father a family account, and the owner's father will often use the family account to log in to the ideal APP community to view posts, learn how to use the ideal car from the car users' experience, and pay attention to many car owners.

The account was locked mainly because the ideal APP background triggered that "non-owner accounts following more than 10 people in a short time will be identified as risk accounts", which was originally intended to prevent some "advertising marketing accounts" in the community from disturbing car owners without putting the car owner's authorized family account on the whitelist, resulting in the system "accidentally injuring" the car owner's father. In addition, the blogger also revealed that the problem has been fixed by the ideal car, and the ideal APP may be divided into community shopping malls and car control, so that the car control part can be better used.

It is understood that the vehicle involved in this incident is the ideal mega, which went on the market on March 1 this year, and the new car positioning pure electric MPV, with a price of 559800 yuan. The ideal mega was once regarded as an important incremental model in achieving the annual sales target of 800000 vehicles. At that time, officials expected monthly sales of new cars to reach 8000, but the launch of new cars was affected by malicious P maps and other factors, which affected the sales of the ideal MEGA. The ideal MEGA sold 3229 vehicles in its first month on the market, compared with 1145 in April, according to the data.

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