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Discredit BYD! Another big V has been blocked by the entire Internet

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After 5 million fans "Mavericks said car" was banned by the whole network not long ago, another car fell down from the media.

On July 2, the State Internet Information Office official account "Internet letter China" said that recently, the State Internet Information Office has focused on the outstanding problems of damaging the business network environment, continue to carry out in-depth special action to "clear and optimize the business network environment-rectify the confusion of infringing information related to enterprises", and investigate and deal with a number of enterprise-related illegal and illegal accounts in accordance with the law, such as spreading false and false information and seeking illegal interests. The State Cyber Information Office also reported some typical cases, in which it was mentioned that accounts such as "Wang Wukong said cars" posted false information and slandered the corporate image and reputation, and the accounts involved had been closed in accordance with the contract.

According to the report, accounts such as "Wang Wukong said car" posted false and false information to denigrate the reputation of the corporate image. Douyin account "Wang Wukong said car", watermelon video account "Wang Wukong" and Xiao Hongshu account "it's me, Wang Wukong" have repeatedly distorted the facts, slandered the performance of new energy vehicles and incited group antagonism in order to win attention and attract traffic. And maliciously discredit the product quality and image reputation of an automobile company. The accounts involved have been closed in accordance with the contract.

On June 26, it suddenly spread that "Wang Wukong said cars" had been banned in the automobile industry, which attracted the attention of Guang Fa. It is understood that the number of "Wang Wukong" fans is not large, and the total number of fans of the major platforms is less than 2 million, but his "fame" is not small. Most of the videos released by Wang Wukong are related to BYD, taking the product quality of BYD as the source of creation for a long time, regardless of whether it is true or false. Earlier, at BYD's press conference, some people shouted "Down with Wang Wukong", and BYD executives on the stage responded firmly, "Yes." On the same day that Wang Wukong said car was banned, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD Brand and Public Relations Department, posted on Weibo, "if you don't do it, you will die!" there is righteousness in heaven and earth! "

"Wang Wukong said car" was banned by the whole network, and many netizens felt very happy. Some netizens said, "in order to have no bottom line in traffic, being recharged as a goon deserves to be banned", "the network environment should be regulated", "BYD is awe-inspiring and not afraid of all villains".

It is worth mentioning that "Mavericks said car", a well-known Douyin blogger with more than 5 million followers, was banned online on June 7. According to a circular issued by the official account "online letter China" of the State Internet Information Office, "Mavericks say car" and other accounts deliberately exaggerate and distort the facts, discredit the enterprise and its founders: Douyin account "Mavericks say car", understand the car emperor account "Mavericks say car new", Jinri Toutiao account "Yellow Mavericks new", in order to attract eyeballs and attract traffic, they have released short videos many times. Distort and fabricate facts, maliciously slander the car quality of a certain brand and the image and reputation of the automobile company and founder. The accounts involved have been closed in accordance with the contract.

The Economic Daily has published an article pointing out that those online "black mouths" and "black public relations" that gain benefits by "harvesting" traffic will naturally not miss enterprises and brands with their own "traffic passwords" by spreading false information and rumors related to enterprises, incite antagonistic emotions, and then influence public opinion to mislead the public. After some "black public relations" have changed their "vests", they continue to confuse black and white, confuse the public, and slander the corporate brand image. Therefore, it is necessary to use strong legal means to continuously crack down on illegal self-media and false information and expose typical cases, so as to cut off the interest chain of "black mouth" and "black flow". The platform should strengthen the management responsibility of key links such as the release of norms, and strictly require that self-media accounts and MCN institutions are not allowed to publish false enterprise-related information.

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