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Ask the M7 on the list! The latest car complaint list released

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According to the statistics of "car quality Network", a total of 10975 effective complaints from car owners were accepted in June 2024, down 10.6% from the previous month and 22.9% from the same period last year. The effective complaint information in June involved a total of 878 models, and 197 models with complaints of more than double digits (including).

According to the TOP30 list of vehicle Complaints in June 2024, the top 10 brands on the list are FAW Toyota, AITO, Changan Motor, Dongfeng Nissan, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Changan Ford and Chery Automobile. Among them, the reason why Japanese brand FAW Toyota was on the list was still the old problem of "instrument cracking; parts aging". Its Ruizhi and Carola were complained to the first and third places on the list, but Ruizhi officially stopped production in 2017; Dongfeng Nissan Teana was complained to the fifth place on the list because of "system upgrade problems and navigation problems"; Guangzhou Automobile Honda Haoying was complained about "cracked tires and cracked parts". GAC Toyota Camry has been complained about "system upgrade problems and audio and video system failures".

AITO question M7 was ranked second on the list because of "old and new iterative disputes; body resonance", with 137 complaints in June, up from 79 in May. The car quality net said that the continuous rise in the number of complaints against the M7 is due to the fact that the manufacturer has been unable to give a reasonable solution.

Many M7 owners said that the salesperson did not tell the difference between the old and new models, which led to the purchase of the old model, and the rights and interests of the owners were damaged, but the manufacturer had no compensation, which made the old owners feel very disappointed. Some car owners also said that during the boundary M7 driving at a speed of 30-60 per hour, when driving on a bumpy road, there would be a low-frequency resonance of a bright car, and a drumming sound inside the car, just like playing a quality drum, which at the same time led to a very uncomfortable eardrum, as well as a low-frequency network bang that led to dizziness, and comfort was greatly affected.

It is understood that the M7 Ultra went on sale on May 31 and launched a total of 4 models with a price range of 28.98-329800 yuan. The new car is mainly aimed at the appearance and interior upgrades, the biggest highlight is the upgrade of the 192-line lidar, with a stronger intelligent driving capability. In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car was replaced with a closed grille design, and the intake grille at the lower part of the front was removed to look more concise, while the headlamp group was consistent with the old M7, equipped with a penetrating LED belt and an AITO LOGO that could be lit. In terms of power, the M7 Ultra continues to use the extended range power system of the old model, which is equipped with a 1.5T range extender with a maximum power of 112kW, while the electric drive system provides two power layouts of single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive, with a maximum power of 200kW and 330kW respectively.

In addition to the above models, Changan Automobile's Yitou and Yida were also complained to the fourth and seventh places on the list because of "vehicle interconnection failure; disguised charging", "system upgrade problems, policy changes" respectively. Mondeo, owned by Changan Ford, has been complained about "system upgrade problems and engine / motor oil leakage", with 45 complaints in June.

Four models of Chery were also complained about on the list, including Arize 8 for "abnormal noise inside the car; audio and video system failure"; Ruihu 8 for "abnormal noise inside the car; engine / motor jitter"; Ruihu 8 PLUS was complained for "suspected design defects; air conditioning problems"; and Chery New Energy Ant was complained for "power battery failure; power loss".

BYD's two models, Yuan PLUS and Han, were complained to 14th and 18th respectively because of "price change; deposit dispute" and "price change; soul mode turn failure". In other words, the reason for BYD's complaint is mainly focused on price changes.

In addition, the Japanese brand FAW Toyota Crown was also complained to the 13th place because of the same "instrument cracking; parts aging" problem; Asian Dragon was complained to the bottom of the list because of "car odor; system upgrade problem". Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Rayling was complained of "shock absorber oil leakage; particle trap blockage"; Dongfeng Nissan was complained of "unable to accelerate; gearbox fault light" was complained. GAC Honda Accord was complained of "tire wear; air conditioning problems"; Dongfeng Honda CR-V was complained of "parts cracking; abnormal steering system noise".

In addition to the above models, three FAW-Volkswagen Maiteng, Suiteng and ID.4 CROZZ models were complained about "gearbox computer board failure; unable to shift gearbox", "gearbox noise; skylight leakage" and "audio and video system failure; fixing new problems", with 32 complaints, 32 complaints and 29 complaints respectively.

The above is the situation of the domestic Complaints list in June. Generally speaking, there has been a month-on-month decline in motor vehicle complaints in June for the third month in a row, but there are still tens of thousands of complaints. Judging from the overall complaint list in June, the number of complaints from joint venture, proprietary and imported brands all declined from the previous month, with imported brands falling the most, down 25.4 per cent from May, while the proportion of complaints from independent brands also continued to decline, with 4785 complaints, 1.1 per cent lower than in May.

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