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Tribute to Model 3! Xiaopeng MONA M03 officially released

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On July 3, Xiaopeng MONA M03 was officially released, but this time only the appearance was released, and the interior decoration is still kept secret. As the first model of the MONA series, the MONA M03 adopts a new design and is positioned as a compact pure electric car with a maximum mileage of 620km and focusing on the market of 10-150000 yuan. It will be officially launched in August and delivered in the third quarter.

He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, revealed that the reason for naming it M03 is to pay tribute to Tesla Model 3. He Xiaopeng said that at present, many models are named with the numbers 9, 7 and 5, while 3 is a different number. Tesla Model 3 model began the era of pure electric car popularity six years ago, and M03 is a tribute to Tesla Model 3. As for the specific meaning of the brand MONA, that is, the abbreviation of Made Of New AI, "the last decade is the decade of new energy, and the next decade is the decade of AI."

In terms of appearance, Xiaopeng MONA M03 adopts a new design language, the front of the car adopts the closed front design commonly used in pure electric vehicles, but the lower part is equipped with active intake grille, and it is standard in the whole system, which can be intelligently adjusted according to the speed during driving, optimize the wind resistance and meet the cooling needs of the motor. The shape of the headlight group has a high degree of recognition and maintains the same design style as the Xiaopeng car logo. In addition, the Xiaopeng MONA M03 uses the front pressure type front cabin design, the overall design looks more athletic. It is understood that Xiaopeng MONA M03 standard 18-inch low wind resistance rims, but also choose 19-inch sports rims, while providing star blue and star rice two new car paint colors.

On the side of the body, the side design of the Xiaopeng MONA M03 is very simple, equipped with hidden door handles, rearview mirror camera and side camera, and the D-pillar position is also equipped with an air guide. In the rear part, the taillight shape echoes with the headlights and uses the fumigation treatment, together with the ducktail design on the rear door of the trunk to create a young sports atmosphere. In addition, the whole system is equipped with electric hatchback tail door, and the opening height is 1136mm. Under normal conditions, the volume of the rear car is 621 liters. It is expected that the rear seat can be put down, thus expanding the storage space of the back car.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of Xiaopeng MONA M03 are 4780max 1896 / 1445mm mm, wheelbase 2815mm, positioning compact pure electric car. As a comparison, Tesla Model 3's length, width and height 4724/1848/1430mm, wheelbase 2875mm, compared with Xiaopeng MONA M03 are leading in length, width and height, and short wheelbase 60mm.

Only the appearance has been released this time, and the interior is still in a state of secrecy. According to previous road test photos, the car is equipped with a suspended central control screen and a multi-function steering wheel, and simplifies a large number of physical keypads. The main functions are expected to be operated through voice control and central control large screen.

In terms of power, Xiaopeng MONA M03 will provide two versions with a maximum power of 140kW and 160kW, matching the lithium iron phosphate battery pack provided by Nanning Fudi Battery Co., Ltd., although the battery capacity information has not been released, according to official data, the corresponding CLTC operating mileage of the car is 515km and 620km respectively, which is expected to correspond to the standard and long range versions of Tesla Model 3.

Based on the positioning of Xiaopeng MONA M03 compact car, there are no competitors in the market. Earlier, it was reported that the expected price range of Xiaopeng MONA M03 may be 100000-150000 yuan. The all-electric compact cars in this price range include BYD Qin PLUS EV, GAC Ean AION S, Buick Micro Blue 6 and other models. In comparison, Xiaopeng MONA M03 may have some advantages in intelligence.

Xiaopeng Automobile, as one of the earliest new power car companies in China, has begun to lag behind in the electric vehicle market. In the first half of the year, Xiaopeng delivered a total of 52028 new cars, an increase of 26 percent over the same period last year, with an average monthly sales of less than 10,000 vehicles, of which 10668 new cars were delivered in June, an increase of 24 percent over the same period last year. At present, Xiaopeng car models on sale include P5, P7, G6, G9 and X9, of which the X9 with the highest sales in the first half of the year is 13143, while the performance of other models is relatively mediocre, especially the G6 and G9 in the SUV market, which flameout only after a period of time. As the whole series of products under Xiaopeng, MONA M03 will become the cheapest model under Xiaopeng after its listing, which may bring some market increment to Xiaopeng, but this market is also the most competitive. It is unknown whether Xiaopeng MONA M03 can stand out.

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