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On July 2, ideal Automobile released the latest weekly new energy vehicle brand sales list for the 26th week of 2024 (June 24 to June 30).

According to the new energy brand sales list in China, BYD topped the list with weekly sales of 75800 vehicles, and is the only brand on the list that has sold more than 70, 000 vehicles. As a leader in the global new energy vehicle industry, BYD has achieved rapid growth by virtue of Dynasty and Ocean. Today, BYD held a ceremony for the completion of the Thai factory and the launch of its 8 million new energy vehicles in Luoyong, Thailand, marking the beginning of a new chapter in globalization. BYD also became the first car company in the world to reach the offline production of its 8 million new energy vehicles, and dolphins were unveiled at the Thai factory as an offline model.

Tesla, behind BYD, sold 14100 vehicles in the new week. Ideal car, Wonderland and Ian all made it into the top five, with sales of 13000, 12500 and 8200 respectively. Wuling, Lulai, Deep Blue, Zero and Changan respectively entered the top 10, with weekly sales of 7600 ‍, 6800, 4900, 4800 and 4800 respectively.

Among them, Deep Blue fell off the list last week (June 17 to June 23) and re-entered the list in the new week, ranking eighth. At present, Deep Blue Automobile's models on sale include Deep Blue SL03, Deep Blue S7 and Deep Blue G318. Among them, Deep Blue G318 is the latest new car launched by Deep Blue Automobile, positioning hardline SUV, launched on June 13, a total of 6 models, the price range is 17.59-318000 yuan, the power system is equipped with 1.5T extended range power system, providing single-motor rear-drive, dual-motor all-wheel drive version, CLTC pure electric mileage up to 190km The launch of the car makes up for the gap in the hard-line SUV field of Deep Blue Automobile, which will compete with domestic models such as Tank 300 and equation Leopard 5.

In terms of the new power brand sales list, ideal car is still the top seller of new power brands in the Chinese market, with weekly sales of 13000, higher than the 12500 in question, with a difference of 5000.

Nowadays, the competition between the ideal car and the question world is becoming more and more fierce. According to official figures, the cumulative sales of ideal cars in June were 47800, while Huawei Hongmeng Zhihang (including intellectual and intellectual circles) sold 46200. It is worth mentioning that although Hongmeng Zhihang's monthly sales are not as good as ideal cars, with its previous lead, Hongmeng Zhihang (including intellectual and intellectual circles) sold 194200 vehicles in the first half of the month, higher than the ideal car's 189000.

In addition to ideal cars, Xilai entered the third place on the list, with weekly sales of 6800 vehicles, while Xiaopeng ranked eighth with weekly sales of 3100. According to the plan, Ledao L60, the first model of Ledao Motor, the brand name of Quanxinzi, will be launched in September, while the first model of Xiaopeng MONA series, Xiaopeng MONA M03, will also be launched in August. It remains to be seen whether the pattern in the "Wei Xiaoli" camp will be innovated.

Deep Blue and Zero also made the top five, with weekly sales of 4900 and 4800, respectively. In addition, polar krypton, millet, Tengli and polar fox entered the top 10, with weekly sales of 4300, 3200, 2900 and 1800, respectively. At present, Xiaomi is speeding up the delivery of new cars. On July 2, Xiaomi Automobile said that the acceleration of Xiaomi SU7 delivery is progressing smoothly, with double-shift production starting in June and delivery exceeding 10000 vehicles a month. From July 1st, the delivery of Xiaomi SU7 series will be further accelerated, and the delivery cycle is expected to be shortened by up to 5 weeks after locking. At the same time, Xiaomi Automobile will carry out a new round of production line optimization and maintenance in the near future, in preparation for further increasing production capacity.

There has been little change in the luxury brand sales rankings, with BMW continuing to top the list with weekly sales of 24600 vehicles, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Audi with 20000 and 19200 respectively. Tesla ranked fourth with sales of 14100 vehicles, while ideal car ranked fifth with weekly sales of 13000 vehicles. Outside the top five of the list, question, Ulay, Volvo, Lexus and Polar Krypton entered the top 10, with weekly sales of 12500, 6800, 6000, 5400 and 4300, respectively.

The first half of 2024 has ended, and after entering the second half of the year, the competition among car enterprises will be more fierce. In the highly competitive automobile market environment, we will wait and see who can give more surprising sales figures.

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